March 30, 2020 :-

March 30 marks the death anniversary of Bhagat Jagat Singh Ji. Though every year this day is celebrated with great enthusiasm in the ashram, this year due to the lock-down caused by the Coronavirus, the devotees stayed in their respective homes and offered flowers of reverence at His feet.

During one particular daylight hour, the residents of Shabad Surat Sangam Ashram, Malke and Dera Harisar, Kila Raipur recited the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra to pray for the welfare of the world, along with the residents of village Ghaniya, village Dhelwan, village Panjgarain, village Malke, village Nathana, Ludhiana, Chandigarh, Delhi, Mumbai, etc. who also participated soulfully in this collective prayer from their respective homes.

Today, the whole world plagued by the terror of the Coronavirus is looking for a solution to win over this situation. So far it has been understood from news and medical reports that this virus attacks only those whose immunity is weak. The power of the body is decreasing due to the increased agility of the mind, extroversion of the prana-senses and we are getting hollow from inside. The reason is our indisciplined lifestyle. Today, on the death anniversary of Bhagat Ji, the same topic was discussed i.e. how can we take inspiration from his life and strengthen the inner immunity system and make our life sewa-sadhnamayi.

Sadhvi Yoganjali Chaitanya Puri ji, while sharing some inspirational memories related to the life of Bhagat Jagat Singh Ji, said that Bhagat ji kept sewa-sadhna in the first place even while living in the Grihastha Ashram. He said that ” साधन धाम मोक्ष कर द्वारा”, means the only goal of human life is the attainment of bliss. Apart from Sadhna, he had no other subject of discussion. Bhagat Ji used to emphasize on being particularly aware of the sattvic behavior such as to speak as much as is necessary, neither to eat too much food nor to starve oneself, i.e. every action should be in discipline. Here, discipline means an action that draws us closer to our ultimate goal. Such actions alone count as sattvic actions.

Today, somewhere there is some deficiency in our behavior, our lifestyle because a diseased life is not our real nature. In such a situation, we have to take inspiration from Bhagat Ji’s life, how can we move forward towards the attainment of our life’s goal, by keeping our mind-actions-speech in-check.