30 September 2018, Shabad Surat Sangam Ashram, Male, Moga: After so many years, those of which seem to be like ages, Sri Maharaj ji was around those who gather around once a month to charge their batteries illuminating the path within. ‘Wisdom, that defines our very existence’ is what that was shared, and as always devotees were in awe; a wake-up-call to realise our current state and thus, what next. Let us must explore!

A glimpse of the divine discourse by Sri Maharaj Ji:

Question: Why do we study? Or, why do we earn money? Or, why do we keep on expanding our business or work commitments? Or, why do we pay a visit to a temple or a gurdwara for that matter? Well, aim is to lead a comfortable life; or in other words, a life void of sorrows. However, there remains to be a big ‘but’ thereafter this marathon most of us are part of… one never ever gets contentment. Often, we are in an illusion of having felt that every now and then, however it’s nothing more than a delusion.

Question: Why do we aim for a comfortable life, or precisely desire happiness? Because, just the way ‘to wet’ is the nature of water, ‘to burn’ is the nature of fire; likewise ‘happiness or bliss, ananda’ is our very nature, ‘my true self’; which brings us to another point, a) who am I? For those who believe in God’s existence, they also do believe that ‘I am His ansha (excerpt)’. b) who is He? He is blissful. Now, c) if I am Him, why do we still desire happiness… ‘Due to the shutters of ignorance.’

Question: What happens due to this ignorance? Egoism gets waved up. We tend to believe that, ‘I am just this body, i.e. a man or a woman, young or old, tall or short; which leads to ‘yours and mine’ empowering malice (raagdwesh). And even further, there is a perpetual fear to an extent that we begin to see this imperishable world as eternal, leading to day and night hustles and bustles, out of this very ignorance.

Question: What is that eternal source of happiness; an aim to be, without being a slave of money or power or dependence over others. Now, a) if I am His and, b) He is every-ready to embrace me; what’s missing? Here, key is ‘satsang, sewa, simran, surrender’ being in Guru’s command, and consistent and persistent contemplation over scriptures proclamations and Guru’s teachings.

Summing up, there are three points-of-focus: a) ignorance, b) outward mind, and resultant c) ego. With sewa (selfless service), the desires (and thus kaam, krodh, lobh, moh…) would eventually cease. With simran or japa, in time to come, the restless mind would settle down, and so we would have a focused mind. As a result, blinds of ignorance would be drawn away.

Myth: My mind doesn’t rest. Hence, there is absolutely no point in doing japa.

Fact: The whole point of doing japa is to bring the mind to rest.

However, there is one condition, we must make a sincere effort to rise above and beyond back biting, speaking out of anger, or have an uncontrollable watered-mouth after seeing food.

Howsoever busy we are, make sure to do japa at least for one hour. But with a mindset that ‘why are we doing sewa and simran at first place’, to be free from attachments (moh). And well of course, with surrender to almighty.


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