11-13 November, Nehru Stadium, Indore, Madhya Pradesh: How does a food, which is free of waste and grosser elements and is yet capable of linking us to our own infinite power reservoir sound? Such a feast was arranged by devotees from Indore who due to regular practice since the first camp in 2006 believe that in spite of all the physical and mental benefits it has to offer, it is not just a therapy or a healing technique rather a purely spiritual practice.

Hundreds of beautiful souls gathered around to explore this ancient, yet scientifically approved and tested practice we know as Siddhamrit Surya Kriya Yog. As Swami Ji was hardly conducting any camps outside ashram for many many years now, Indore camp proved how eagerly people were waiting for it. There, he came across many people who within a short span itself had visibly encouraging changes in their lifestyle, and wish to climb up the ladder of seven levels now. Lo! Divine beholds the future!