April 13, 2020 :-

त्याग वैराग्य ज्ञानाब्धेः श्री श्री देव महाप्रभो।

भक्तानन्दकरी भूयात् श्री गुरुचरणपादुका।।

Every year, the ‘Avatar Day’ of ‘Kali Kambali wale’ and the auspicious occasion of ‘Vaisakhi’ is celebrated with utmost joy on the holy lands of Dera Harisar. But this year, due to the lock-down caused by the corona pandemic, the mass celebration could not take place. Still, unaffected by the circumstances, the devotion of the revered devotees (residing in their respective homes, connected through live telecast) knew no bounds when it came to paying homage to the revered Gurudev’s feet.

Addressing the devotees Sadhvi Ji said, “Today, extrovertness has increased to an extent that we are mostly disconnected from our inner power source. For this, it is a must to take the shelter of Guru Naam to connect within and get free from the on and on going bondage of the death-birth cycle”.

Here are some glimpses of the loving tribute of the devotees associated nationally and internationally, which they depicted by reciting the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra for world peace –