This mystical verse of Sri Ramalinga is a living proof, describing the pinnacle of life on Earth i.e. deathlessness, which means that the mortal human body can be transformed and can continue to live on earth unto eternity in everlasting vigor / health, without any decay and death.

Rather, “Death is a grave mistake,” words Leonard Orr. “Physical Death is a matter of choice. If you don’t kill yourself in your thoughts no one else will. I am alive now. Therefore, my life urges must be stronger than my death urges. As long as I strengthen my life urges and weaken my death urges, I will go on living in increased health and youthfulness.” He continues further that, “Dying is no way to live. That humans can die is a greater miracle than physical immortality itself. But Physical Immortality is foolishness for those who haven’t tasted the JOY OF LIFE. If you are miserable, why would you want to be miserable longer?”

No surprises, if the writings have seemed odd and weird to you, rather they ought be, but the very fact that you have continued reading it until here is again a living proof that deathlessness is indeed your inherent potential, which is only dormant, for it is still compelling you to go on, reading further!

A Superman, a Harry Potter, a Neo, a Krissh all tingle some corner of our heart, rather ought to because something similar to them is indeed our destiny. But let us not dismiss these sensations as childish fantasies and wild imaginations. For there are men and women, rather supermen and superwomen amidst us who have done in real life, what a Christopher Reeve and a Hrithik Roshan accomplished in reel life. Agastya, Milarepa, Mahavtar Babaji, Ramalingam continue to live despite having celebrated more than a thousand birthdays. They can all fly; appear and disappear at will; outlive the attack of bullets, even nuclear bombs; can go in the rain without getting wet; not only do they know E=mc2 but are the masters of the entire universe, rather behind all those intricacies which science aims to grasp; can produce literature, art, music of a quality that would fade all our proud creations; are so very handsome that even a hybrid body created by selecting the best features of our Hollywood and Bollywood stars, would be dimmed by their sparkle and golden light; and amidst all this are so very humble that we had hardly heard of them until now. What greater about them that their only desire remains to help us, alleviate our suffering, rather guide and help us to become nothing less than what they themselves are; and for this have been working tirelessly throughout different millennia, assuming different bodies and forms. And who knows if this article itself is being secretly inspired by them and is meant for someone special whom they regard as prepared to know about them, deathlessness and more… Maybe, that person is YOU!

Well, you needn’t believe a word written here. It mayn’t be your time yet, the only reason being the wall of doubt and disbelief you have created between yourself and their guiding compassion, obstructing their reaching out to you. But, since you have allowed them to penetrate into your mind to this extent, maybe you are the one indeed they meant to reach out and influence a little. They have introduced themselves to you; it’s your time now! See if you have got the longing to become a RAMALINGA. See if you want to become great in the real sense. If you can see these in yourself, they have all assured that their guidance is just a CALL away….

In all humility,