30 March 2018, Shabad Surati Sangam Ashram, Moga: As per one of the Patanjali Yog Sutras – ‘veetrag vishyam va chitam’, it is said that ‘mere contemplation about the lives of saints (who are beyond materialistic desires), by believing them to be true; immensely inspires an aspirant of the inner divine journey.’ Just like when some stagnant water is directed towards holy Ganga, it is bound to get purified. Same principle works for our lives provided that our approach is honest and innocent.

This being the sole purpose of celebrating barsi, devotees had gathered around to put forth another step on The ultimate journey. Let us too take another leap!

 A glimpse from Sadhvi Ji’s discourse:
To sit with folded legs while keeping your eyes closed and saying that it’s my japa time is easy however, to live an ideal and honest life is what that demands courage. While we are busy crying (complaining) about every other thing, person or situation; running away is all we have been doing on the name of adjustments. Again and yet again, only to end up exhausted, energy-less to finally just die one day. Amidst all these, in the end, it’s all about the choices we make.

Whether a householder (just like Bhagat Jagat Singh Ji, whose 25th barsi is what we have all assembled to celebrate here today) or not, it is vital that each one of us must have a fixed goal. What goal? We have read or heard this n number of times that one and only goal of this human birth is to be one with The One, yet still our priorities need some sincere re-arrangement. A shift in our approach is the need of the hour. Stop crying and choose to act: Assuming that it’s raining, and we have been holding this umbrella of ours very tightly. We suddenly start crying every few minutes complaining that ‘this so-called rain doesn’t wet me’. Aren’t we making an absolute fool of ourselves? Get rid of the unwanted umbrella (Ego) we have so tightly put our hands on, and ta-da get wet! It is raining. Yes! His blessings are pouring, incessantly.

We seek instant results. Remember, even a kid takes up a whole year to learn just those 26 alphabets. So have patience but with rolling persistence. Ups and downs are part of life. Point is that the one who dares to start, is bound to cross the end line some day, instead of those who do not even dare to think to get set at the starting line. Each moment, whether you are cooking or eating, walking or moping develop the habit of practicing Guru-mantra, wholeheartedly. Choose courage over dullness, and then, each and every activity that we perform would become service (sewa) of our Beloved. Keeping eyes focused on the goal, neither left nor right (i.e. rather than cribbing about what the person next to me is up to) let’s keep on walking and walking and walking just so as to reach our The home one day for sure.