(5)24 January 2018, Harisar Ashram, Kila Raipur: Well, it was the 35th Nirvana Mahotsav of Swami Dyal Puri Ji Maharaj, and also the concluding day of 1st sadhna shivir camp on the holy grounds of Harisar Ashram. Sadhvi Ji addressed the devotees who had gathered around to pay their tributes. Let’s us too join her down the memory lane!

A glimpse from the divine talk:

The biographies of saints are mulled upon over and over because they are depots of inspirations; and not just while they are around, but for ages that are to follow through. However, the point to be noted, to be carefully analyzed is that how well do we actually allow those to infatuate our lives upto a considerably significant level.

It is often claimed that I love my Guru. Well, a) if the prevailing circumstances still have the power to offer a sleepless night every now and then, b) if round the clock we are busy connecting the bank balance gaps one after the another, and c) if we choose to run off to Guru or seek solace in Guru-mantra only during adversities; my dear friend, we are still a long way from our ‘claim!’

Surrender (tu hi tu, main nahin) unto Guru’s command, is the key to it all! Just like when a) stagnant water is added into Ganga, or b) some impure material is given away into fire; the by-product is always holy. Likewise, when we surrender, we realize that life is a precious gift; there is a purpose behind it; lets not waste it merely by eating, drinking, and sleeping off. Let’s wake up while there is still time, and get started.

This moment, we are unaware of the ever-lasting jewel we own in the form of Guru-mantra. We have our priorities little misplaced. Let’s keep Him, our Guru at the foremost point and, be assured that rest will follow!