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04 March 2019, Shabad Surat Sangam Ashram, Malke, Moga: Shivratri, one of the occasions of utmost significance for an aspirant of divine journey within! But what does it mean by celebrating Shivratri or rather, how to celebrate it? Let’s explore through Sadhvi Ji’s discourse.

A glimpse of the divine discourse:

sadhvi ji_2Shiv-ratri: Ratri means night. When day-to-day chores seem to be a smokescreen, then that guru ka sikh, i.e. a devotee gears up to celebrate shivratri. And when a guru ka sikh, choses to stay awake through the night so as to walk on the journey within to connect with shiva, by consistent & persistent practice of Guru-mantra, then that night becomes shivratri.

But just the way we have to be consistent and persistent if we ought to dig water from deep within the earth likewise celebrating just one shiv-ratri wouldn’t suffice. It would be like digging out the soil throughout the night and then leaving it then ad there for another night in another year. Without doubt, the digging done so far would get all filled up again. Meaning– there is no holiday for a true, an actually thirsty seeker until the goal is realized, which is the oneness of Shiva & Shakti within.

Key is to surrender unto Guru’s command and then walking on the path consistently and enthusiastically persistently. However, if not, this body shaped boat which is a vehicle to get us through would get toppled up in the ups & downs of life throwing us in the vast sea of life & death far ashore.

So rise above every excuse and make a promise with one self of spending at least a few minutes towards our inner-self, towards human’s sole goal, towards our real home! Then and only then every night would be a shivratri!