15 May 2019, Dera Harisar, Kila Raipur: On the occasion of Nirwana Diwas of Swami Mewa Puri Ji Maharaj, which happens to be the Sankranti, i.e. onset of the month named ‘jeth’ as per the Nanakshahi Calendar, a good number of devotees had gathered around to seek the divine blessings. While addressing those who had made it to the satsang, Sadhvi Ji shared some ‘operational thoughts’ that one can tag along to get through the divine journey our masters went through. Let’s collect some!

A glimpse of the discourse by Sadhvi Ji:

sadhvi ji_33As we know that India is a land where outer weather keeps on changing as people living here get to enjoy the six seasons one after the other. However, if we peek within, we would agree that the inner weather of ours remains almost the same throughout; how, filled with the heat of kaam (lust), krodh (rage), lobh (greed), moh (attachment), ahankar (conceit).

As per the Barah Maha Paath, holy saints suggest the only solution, the only source of cold-breeze available to get through it is the ‘divine company of the saints’. Now, what would we get out of it? How is that going to help? Well, it would broaden our horizon of vision helping us get through the ‘blocks’. What are these ‘blocks’ and what is that respective ‘operational thought’ with which they should be replaced?

To name a few:

Block 1: ‘I’ am a compilation of flesh & bone, and would just die off one day.

Operational thought:  ‘I’ am His divine excerpt (ansha). I am here to do my real job which is to be one with ‘The One’. With time, when the body decays, I do leave but only to get onto another journey for another birth and on and on it goes until I meet my Goal.

Block 2: Spending almost all the time & energy to maintain, to safeguard this body.

Operational thought:  I have received this body to do sewa-satsang anyday-anytime.

Block 3: Spending every other moment worrying about the well-being of near and dear ones.

Operational thought:  We are all here to get through our cycle of ‘karma’ & I will get through it filled with joy and courage instead of repenting throughout, and therefore not create new karma for yet another cycle of life and death.

Operation theater: 1. Satsang, 2. Shastra vichar (contemplation)

Being operated: Naam-japa as suggested by Gurudev, by having a clear image of its meaning throughout. At least 1 – 2.5 hours sitting per day.

We might have been listening-reading this since ages. And yet have made it to ‘nowhere’. Why, because we do not apply it on ourselves. Well, the choice is ours. You reap, what you sow.