25 June 2017, Shabad Surati Sangam Ashram, Malke, Moga: We have got just one mind. We can either direct it towards inner journey which sooner or later each one of us have to walk through, or pamper it by pitying our own self. And so, Swami Ji emphasized on one key point i.e. no one is to be blamed for how circumstances show up in their own time. It’s all in our mind and how we allow ourselves to perceive these. All we need to do is accept, and enjoy life as it is. Let’s join our hands in it!

A glimpse from the divine message:

008There is no denying the fact that everybody is in pain. Because this world where nothing stands by, we are trying to get hold of it. We want it to remain so forever. However, as we might have read or heard it way too many times but are yet to believe is the fact that ‘change is only constant in this world’. And therefore, those of us who do not embrace this one and only truth are the ones in pain; because apart from that there is no source of pain.

We say that we practice Guru-mantra a lot. Okay, agreed! But still we do not seem to be happy. Why, because we seek it (happiness) out of petty and perishable momentary gratifications. Understand this, there is no stopping from working hard and smart, i.e. earning honestly. But then keep Him on priority. Him, who is the only and eternal truth.

On the contrary we enjoy in judging others. Keeping achievements aside for a while, we cannot even seem to get enough of boasting for our weaknesses. And then we nag that we cannot seem to relax our mind, or meditate. Whom are we exactly trying to cheat here? Because when it comes to movie or gossips, we have our undivided attention there. Yeah??

So to get over it, we need to have clear perception of our ‘the goal’. That goal without which we cannot be happy for real. Circumstances might change but they are not to trap (unless we allow ourselves to think so). All the circumstances are due to our own Karma; no one is responsible and hence not to be blamed for. Amidst that, just keep your goal affixed and keep on practicing Guru-mantra as there is certainly none other way out.