Modern science discoveries and ancient yoga texts extend evident principles that the rays of the sun endow holistic health and longevity along with the eradication of many physical and mental diseases. With the rightful intake of sun rays, the vigour and vitality, the physical and mental strength, and the ability to fight diseases increase. With the experience of millions of people, it has also been proved that ‘Siddhamrit Surya Kriya Yoga’ is the most effective and safe method to devour sun rays. Also, its methodology is quite simple and thus can be easily learned by practicing in groups for about two-three times or even through books, etc.

In the first part of this article series, Gurudev, while giving a detailed discussion about the cause and prevention of diseases, said that the ‘fire element’ is at the root of disease-resistant capacity (immunity) of the body. If the fire element in the body is increased then the diseases and infections like Corona can be stopped immediately. ‘Siddhamrit Surya Kriya Yoga’ is the best technique to increase the fire element, so he also suggested a simple way to begin with. Meanwhile, many doctors are also making such statements on newspapers and social media that Vitamin D is most useful for increasing the immunity of the body and this vitamin is primarily obtained from sun rays. Based on this information, many people have started saying that Corona can be avoided by bathing or walking in the sun for a few hours however, the reality is something else.

Our eyes are the main gateway to receive sun rays into the body. We cannot make use of a well-enough amount of rays through the skin, rather after a limit, the skin starts to burn, especially if the eyes are not connected with the sun in a precise manner. Apart from this, a calm and inward mind is a must to digest the sun rays, i.e. to receive the rays in the subtlety of the body. ‘Siddhamrit Surya Kriya Yoga’ is a unique kind of meditation and therefore through this, the mind becomes intuitively inward. Besides, in this whole process, the relation of the eyes (keeping them closed) is kept maintained with the sun in direct alignment. So it offers quick and harmless health benefits.

On the other hand, just a small amount of rays can be absorbed by taking a walk in the sun. Most of you must have experienced that a prolonged walk in the sun often leads to a heavy head, the reason being that the rays keep on accumulating at the surface alone. They hardly get to enter and thus assimilate inside the body.

The problem becomes rather more serious in the Sun Bath, because in that people often break eye contact with the sun by putting on goggles or hats. On top of it, sunscreen is applied all over the skin to block the direct entry of sun rays through it. Besides, the mind remains to be extrovert. Thus the benefits gained from Sun Bath are very little. Also, this is the reason why every year thousands of people incur severe harms and even lose their lives instead of benefiting from the Sun Bath. Such people blame the sun. Remember, eyes are the main gateway for the sun rays to enter the body and an introvert mind aids to it; even the skin too does absorb a little portion of the sun rays. That is why extremely beneficial results are achieved by ‘Siddhamrit Surya Kriya Yoga’ and that too very soon.

Some people also do relate Surya Namaskara with Surya Kriya but Surya Namaskara is merely a sequence of asanas that can be done anytime-anywhere. Undoubtedly, it has a lot of benefits but the benefits are the same as those received from other asanas or physical exercises. Surya Namaskara does not dig up the great benefits from sun rays.

When it comes to Science and Religion, most of the spiritually oriented people of present times are well-informed and therefore are aware of the fact that the main practices prevalent in India in ancient times were the Trikala Sandhyas and Yajnas. It was through these practices that sages and saints stayed physically and mentally empowered, and healthy and lived a long life. ‘Siddhamrit Surya Kriya Yoga’ is based on the theory of Trikala Sandhya. Therefore, you are requested to take full advantage of this practice and keep yourself safe and healthy amidst this Corona crisis. Send these articles to your relatives and friends and make them familiar with this practice so that they too can take advantage of it.