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The Human Consciousness is undoubtedly evolving steadily, but repeated detrimental attacks in form of Corona Virus and many others of its ilk, have jolted and forced the human mind into reflecting upon certain compelling concerns like – How far our consciousness  has developed? What are we falling short of? And, In what direction should this evolvement be oriented?

On one hand, the unremitting scientific research is enriching our lives and people are coming progressively closer to each other and on the other hand, the Corona – the virus which has generated widespread fear of death among the people – has taken human beings themselves as a medium for its dreaded propagation. The whole world has come to a stand-still with people repeatedly being warned by Governments across the globe not to venture out of their homes.

Despite tremendous advancements with material developments, despite all the claims made by modern world about their evolvement, the human consciousness has not been able to evolve even to the extent of being capable of refusing to be the Corona Virus’s messenger (of death). Why is the human so week and helpless? Why is he forced to bow down to a pathogenic micro-organism – like Corona?

The ideal direction of the evolvement of consciousness should be such that the Human body should be potent enough to block the incursion not only of the pathogens but even the vitiated and violent thought forms as well. Such evolution will proceed in the right direction only when the human being begins transmitting all around, the powerful vibrations of love, compassion, kindness and bliss, cutting across the narrow boundaries – of time, places and religions etc.

The human beings will have to transform themselves and their persona. It is difficult to achieve this transformation through thoughtful contemplation alone. For this, it would be necessary to (1) undertake some special feat (Sadhana), some novel expedition, and (2) re-orient our thought process itself.

The million-dollar question is – How to go about in this direction? And the answer is – We will have to awaken such potential within our body itself, because पराधीन सपनेहु सुख नाही”- (One dependent upon others, cannot savor joy even in his dreams). One will have to free oneself from dependence on inert material objects. So, how do we do it?

This is ‘the thing’ being discussed in this short article – Please read, reflect, contemplate and also take action i.e. become a practitioner, a Sadhak and board the bus proceeding on the path to human evolution.

FEAR OF DEATH:- It is indeed dreadful to think about one’s own destruction. The ‘mine (belonging to me)’, has no value once the ‘I’ fizzles away in darkness. “Am I destined to be a ‘Naught’- devoid of all beliefs, comforts, activities, flights, struggles?” or “Is that going to be the culmination of my ‘Present’?” – such a thought itself is dreadful.

For a dimwitted, such a visualization is hardly possible. A goat next in the queue to be butchered, doesn’t realise that its end is just ahead but when the sharp edge of the butcher’s knife strikes its neck, it cannot hold back its fearful screams. None can freely submit to his/her own annihilation.

The present time will be recorded in the history as a time-unforgettable due to the sheer frightfulness associated with it. Whole world is terrified. The Corona virus is occupying virtually every aspect of our lives and the world. Ensconced on the throne founded on the ‘fear of death’, it has become an unbridled dictator of the entire world.

Death means ‘destruction of the gross body which was born at some time’. Corona, acting as a harbinger of death, is instilling fear all across the earth. The dreadful irony is that it has made the human form itself a medium for its propagation. People are being exhorted to stay indoors. Curfews have been imposed across places. People have been rendered helpless.

This fear of death, continues to make people helpless. Some people have started saying that they would prefer to die, rather than being confined indoors. Such people are obtained by the strong outward orientation of their ‘Rajoguni’ (driven by passion and activity) ego. Some others are blinded by blinkeredness and ‘Tamoguna’ (disposition associated with negativity), so much so that rather than helping in containing the spread of Corona, they are prepared to risk their lives to kill others by spreading the infection amongst those they consider their enemies.

Who is it trying to abuse even the ‘fear of death’. It is none other than the ‘Ego’ of a being – ‘I would die but will not let my ego perish’.

Indulging in this, are two kinds of individuals: Rajoguni (the outwardly oriented ones – enslaved by external resources, recourses and settings) and Tamoguni (lost in thick layers of blinded ego – even their relations with others, if they make any, are enshrouded by the darkness of selfishness and ego).

In contrast, however, there are also people in whom this fear of death acts as a catalyst for nurturing and growth of divine virtues like love, compassion, service, empathy etc. The beings of this kind are progressing on the path leading to liberation from the fear of death. They also relate to others, but in the light of virtues like love and selfless service. They may also have Tamoguni and Rajoguni disposition, but in relatively small measures.

The people of the first kind are those who are presently confined by the limits of gross body, and the others are those who are striving to free themselves from the gross confines of the body. Nonetheless, people of both these kinds are in pursuit of the path to liberation – advertently or inadvertently– since liberation from all fears, attachments and aversions, and diseases etc. is the ultimate destiny of the human race.

In fact, the cause behind all the adversities is being oblivious of one’s own blissful true self, and identifying the gross body as the self; the consciousness in general is body centric in present times. This is the cause behind diseases and fears and all the distress (except in the rare enlightened beings who are free from diseases and fears. In fact, they are not just free from the fear of death and disease, for them death and disease or any such bindings don’t even exist).

The crucial question here – How is it possible to attain such kind of liberated state? Is there a way, a Sadhana (methodology), which could be followed simply by anyone, even by those who are terrified by the fear of death? Yes! There is. This is what we are going to deliberate upon, though briefly. This will prevent not only the Corona but other disease- causing factors as well, from attacking us.

It must be kept in mind that disease is a vitiation and not the natural disposition of the body because despite its mortal and gross nature, this body has been created from the superconscious element (the God), of which bliss and vitality are innate attributes – this principle is experienced and approved by the all the immortal sages. “I am the body” – this experience is also a light ray, emerging from darkness, belonging to that superconscious element. “I am this gross body” – this very idea (or light ray) itself is going to evolve further into the realization of a blissful soul, free from all the afflictions like disease etc. And, “How would it happen?” – such an exploration is what is called ‘Sadhana’.

Modern scientists believe – thinking, a characteristic of consciousness, is the result of integration and activity of countless neurons in our brain; It is due to this, that one experiences happiness, sorrow, diseases, pain etc.; It simply means that consciousness is an outcome of the activity of gross physical particles. This is true but not the complete truth.

The experiential wisdom of the spiritually accomplished ones’ reveals that it is the absolute consciousness (the God) that eventually manifests itself in the Human form – covering itself first with veils of nothingness and then that of grossness, made from its own omnipotence – traversing through 84 lakhs ‘Yonis’ (life forms).

This absolute consciousness is manifesting itself in the human body as contemplative capacity or mind, occupied with numerous actions and reactions in form of complex waves (that of neurons) in the brain. The consciousness manifested in the human body is still at rudimentary level and has to evolve more and more to eventually merge with the absolute consciousness, liberating itself from the limitations of human body. Some exalted forerunners have accomplished this ultimate state, while some others are on the path thereto. This is a path towards the infinite, with no end. Liberation from diseases and death are just intermediary stages of this journey. (But if we assume that consciousness arises from the gross physical particles, then the pace of evolution should halt once it reaches the human body. All the potential and possibilities a human is born with are nullified in its death. What next then? What kind of evolutionary purpose – that of consciousness – would be achieved in the Human body?)

So, let’s examine the path to liberation from the grossness of the body, and from disease etc.

As of now, the human body has become a hub for propagation of Viruses like Corona, but gradually the human consciousness has to evolve to an extent where the virtuous and vigorous waves of love, kindness, compassion, energy, bliss and alike would begin to radiate all  around  spontaneously  from  the  human  body.  That  is  the  next  level  of the evolving human consciousness. Certain superhuman would lead the way, and many others will follow them readily and devotedly – leaving all the worldly desires behind and letting their ego expand beyond selfishness.

The question is – What do we need to do to achieve this? The answer is – certain practices (Sadhanas), simple and straightforward ones. The primary effect of these Sadhanas is opening of the path leading to victory over not only Corona but all such disease-causing organisms. It must be kept in mind that these Sadhanas do not involve mere imaginative contemplation, but a faithful thought-process focused on our absolute nature and amply complemented by pranic force, mental firmness and eventually descent of absolute consciousness. This generates immense energy that is inwardly oriented.

The neurons of the brain have be charged with this inwardly oriented energy, however, they have to be stimulated with this input (energy) in such a way that their activeness is increased, but the outward force and focus in their activity (in reactions induced by circumstances) gets decreased. This energy should fill the brain region to such an extent that the contemplative consciousness, freed from the control of sensory organs (orifices) and the external objects, starts flowing spontaneously. This is the inwardly oriented stream of reflective thoughts free from the bodily limitations. As this free flowing contemplative stream gets stronger and more pervasive, the activeness of the neurons would be affected directly. Then the brain would be controlled by the flow of consciousness, and not by the waves or vibrations of the neurons inside the brain. This would be a giant step in the evolution of human civilization. Control of diseases (or absence of disease, since no one wants to be sick) through the human will would be achieved, even before the consciousness is liberated from body. The input that ensures stronger activity  but a less intense outwardly action, and that is spontaneously absorbed by the neurons, would undoubtedly be of significant nature.

It is through the nine sensory orifices, and passing through the brain, the necessary input is received by the mind (or the subtle body). However, the Tenth orifice (which is normally closed in everyone, except the accomplished Yogis) directly provides energy (input) to the mind and the subtle body. The unblocking of this Tenth orifice would be akin to an important leap or flight in the journey of evolution of human consciousness.

As the being’s consciousness pervades the subtle body (or mind), one will progress towards liberation from diseases also. It is the gross body that hosts diseases and miseries, for which the subtle body has no room. After the demise of the gross body, the being’s consciousness marches on through the subtle body and later, at the appropriate time, the new gross body is also created by the subtle body only, through the medium of ‘Raja’ and ‘Veerya’ (the reproductive fluids of female and male – manifesting the energy streams). The consciousness in the subtle body, is evolved to quite an extent and is almost free from the limitations of the gross body.

The stairs which take you downwards, also lead the way upwards. Similarly, the nine sensory orifices (through which the consciousness gets outwardly oriented and thus subservient to the external sensory objects), would also become a medium for liberation of consciousness by orienting themselves inwards.

Nine sensory orifices or openings are well known – two eyes, two nostrils, two ears and one mouth, these seven are located above the neck region while the other two are located below the navel region (orifices of excretion). Besides these, there is a tenth orifice that lies embedded in subtlety of the brain, above the soft palate.

All these nine orifices in the gross body open outwards, towards external subjects, but they are closed towards the subtlety of the body. The key to liberation and pervasiveness of mind’s awareness lies in opening these orifices inwards. This is also the key to absolute liberation from disease, grossness, and fears etc. All the sensory orifices are interconnected. When way is cleared for inward opening of even one of them, all others would also begin to open inwards.

(1) Two eyes:- On closing our eyes we see nothing but darkness, which means that our eyes are closed from inside. When a being looks at the outside world – with craving, aversion or desire (Raga, Dvesha, or Vaasna) or with a mind full of anger or affection (Krodha, Moha) – inadvertently the mind keeps getting loaded with vitiated Raga, Dvesha, Vaasna through the outwardly oriented eyes. To open the eyes inwards, we need to flush them with a pristine, vitiation-free, radiant input. The paramount source of such pure input is Suryadeva– the Sun. The concerned Sadhana is ‘Siddhhamrit Surya Kriya Yoga’- a Sadhana that used to be performed as ‘Sandhya’ by ancient saints and sages.

Initially this Sadhana should be performed with relaxed closed eyes – supplemented by Mantras, Mudras (Hand Gestures), Shvas Kriyas (specified breathing procedure),  and some simple eye exercises – in a posture in which the eyes are at in contact with Suryadeva (the Sun) at an angle of 90 degrees. A time of 25-30 minutes will suffice. After that let the Sun’s radiance be absorbed in the brain and the spinal regions, by lying down for 5-10 minutes in face down position. With this, the eyes, acquiring radiance, would begin to open inwards and the sight would be filled with love and affection for one and all.

(2) Two Nostrils:- These are also closed towards inner ends. The breath begins to push out forcefully, if held even for 10-15 seconds. However, the outward orientation of breath is much more noticeable and prominent under the influence of anger, sensual pleasures, or while sleeping, exercising, eating, sleeping etc. In case of fear or disease etc. the breath intake becomes much lesser than normal. At the time of death, the breath just can’t be drawn

Sanjeevani Kriya is a scientific method that equips a person to breathe fully and effectively. This kriya is a wonderful combination of sets of breathing process to be performed in sitting, standing and supine positions. Regular practice of Sanjeevani Kriya facilitates opening of both the nostrils into subtle domain through the path of ‘Sushumna’. As Sushumna and Ida-Pingla are directly connected with head region, the input of strengthened breath flowing through them stimulates the neurons in the brain with tremendous force, however, the activeness due to this stimulation is centered more inside than outside because of diminished outward thrust of breath. As a result, the consciousness of such practitioner (Sadhaka) starts evolving more at the subtle levels. Due to the consciousness thus liberated from the sensory orifices, the Sadhaka gets inundated with the disease-resisting and wellness-generating vital force.

(3) The mouth:- Mouth is the orifice that gets opened the most in any human, but outwards only. This also happens to be a very crucial opening since ‘speaking’ –the means to communicate and relate with others– is possible only through mouth. Besides, it is the opening for food-intake and thus vital for

As far as our tongue is concerned, it is ever eager to savour delicacies, seeing which the mouth starts watering even when stomach is full. Delicious things, even if they are harmful or obstruct the inner path, find easy entry into the mouth irrespective of hunger. Besides, misusing its ability to speak, no amount of condemnation of others, tires it out. When in anger, the voice gets raised so drastically that the whole body starts trembling. On the contrary, if one is asked to chant Mantra or Prayers mentally but in high notes, it seems almost impossible because the tongue doesn’t move owing to the grossness of body and outwardly orientation of mind. With closed eyes also one finds it so difficult to chant in high notes. With closed mouth one cannot utter even lower notes, leave aside the higher ones. For the same reason, it is generally impossible to utter a word while inhaling and with breath-hold it becomes just impossible to speak at all.

The above aspects make it clear that the mouth is closed towards the subtlety of inner domain while it is very actively oriented and open toward the outer world. It is difficult to give tongue to spontaneous pleasant and truthful words through an orifice so outwardly oriented. If such a person ever utters truthful words, they will also carry reflections of his/her ego. Therefore, even a true narration would have a whiff of falsehood being contaminated with harshness and unpleasantness.

So, how do we open the mouth orifice inwards into the subtlety of the body? Observing silence will not serve the purpose. For a Sadhaka who seeks to open the mouth inwards and to be the means of sincere truthful verbal communication, there are two ways to achieve this – (i) Shwas-Shwas Japa (chanting of specific mantra combined with breath), and (ii) Agni Kriya Yoga.

These can be supplemented by some associated Kriyas (processes) also.

 (i) Shwas-Shwas Japa:- This method is adopted and nurtured by traditions of spiritual adepts. In this Japa, a specified mantra is chanted from root of the tongue in the ‘Upanshu’ (inwardly focused whispering sound) or ‘Manasik’ (mentally) levels. This Japa, augmented by the inward orientation of the eyes, and inwardly oriented thrust of the breath, opens the throat region both inwards and outwards.

Prolonged and methodical chanting of “OM” or “Onkar”–the primordial word– is a special Sadhana for select Sadhakas with earnest yearning for inward orientation. In this Sadhana, “OM” sound is extended up to the lip and palate regions, with throat as the point of focus –

(i) Initially through Baikhari (audible speech) during exhalaation and mentally while inhaling; (ii) Next, gradually, at high and extended notes through Baikhari during both inhalation and exhalation; and (iii) Finally, when the breath, flowing only within, begins to merge with the subtle.

Bhramri Pranayama is also an important constituent of the Shvas-Shvas Japa or Onkar Naada Sadhana.

All these Sadhanas are Gurumukhi Sadhanas (Meaning that they can be performed only by the devout seekers with the benevolent grace of an accomplished Guru). As many Octaves a Sadhaka can perform these in, that much his throat region wound expand. Besides, all other sensory orifices –including the lower two– will begin to pulsate. At a certain higher level of this Sadhana, the throat region would get so well expanded that that the tongue – from root to tip– will become potent enough to enter the tenth door (Dasham Dwar), the subtle 10th orifice of the body. That is a sublime state. The mind and the prana not only get liberated from the sensory orifices, but also attain universal pervasiveness. The Sadhaka attains victory over afflictions like disease, fear, sorrow, sleep and birth-death etc.

The intense vibrations of the voice originating from the root of the tongue, enter the brain directly owing to highly reduced outward thrust. These vibrations get well absorbed in the brain as they generate minimal outward reactive thrust. As such the being’s consciousness becomes more active at the subtle levels; or the contemplation of such a Sadhaka experiences a sort of liberation from the sensory orifices. Such potent contemplation would obviously result into enhanced power to get liberated from troublesome afflictions like stress and disease etc.

Through proper Shvas-Shvas Japa, the Pranic vibrations permeate the brain even through the breath and the eyes also, and also generate free contemplative energy by inducing distinct vibrancy therein.

(ii) Agni Kriya Yoga: – Agni (fire) is the ‘Devata’ (deity) of Vaani (voice or speech), which mean that ‘Baikhari Vaani’ (the audible speech) is generated when the stream of fire, rising from Mooladhar, resonates the throat region. However, the throat region being predominated by the ‘Kapha’ (water element), ‘Baikhari Vaani’ thrusts markedly outward through the mouth.

In ‘Agni Kriya Yoga’, an affective oblation of vitiations of the mind is offered to the flames of fire lighted in a ‘Kunda’ (a trough made for the purpose) while chanting of various mantras supplemented by protracted chanting of “Swaha”. The chanting of “Swaha”, establishes direct connect between the fire and the throat region. The intonations of the Mantras, cleansed of the afflictions of ‘Kapha’ etc. and purged of the impurities of mind, enter the body like a fire flame with one end in brain and the other in navel region. Pervading the brain region, this radiant input –being generally free of the inert vibrations of the micro- neurons– activates the pure contemplative power. Such contemplation would, beyond doubt, be free from the subservience of sensory orifices. Therefore, this contemplation will be divine, and on the other hand, it will open up the path to control the activities of the gross body that are extrovert and sunjugated by sensory objects; meaning thereby that gradually it will also be helpful in unblocking of the tenth door.

(4) Ears:- Both the ears are also outward oriented since they hear only the sounds coming from outside. We may hear some buzzing sounds when we close our ears, but we cannot hear any Naadas (sounds created by the flow of Prana into the Sushumna). Many distinct and coherent Naadas get activated inside the brain, when the upper five orifices begin to open inwards, and the mind –oriented inwards to a good extent– begins to focus on the inner space. These Naadas can be listened clearly through the inward oriented ear orifices, and they flow continuously. When listened with extremely focussed and discreet attention, these Naadas get activated not only in the brain, but also in the regions of throat, heart, navel and Mooladhar These can be listened to only by advanced introvert Sadhakas. Being extremely subtle, so far no physical device has been able to detect them. These Naadas spontaneously usher the micro neurons in the brain towards subtler spheres. The subtle activity taking place in the brain gives way to a pervasive thought process free from the paradigm of ‘analytical Thinking’. Such a thought process becomes a means for liberation of the consciousness confined in physical body.

(5) The two lower orifices:- The two excretory orifices essentially open outwards. Besides being the passages for excreting the wastes of the physical body, these orifices also facilitate outward thrust to the two streams of energy – Raja and Veerya (Sun and Moon). What we mean by opening these orifices ‘inwards’, is that the outward thrust of these two energy streams would cease, and these would then ascend upwards in the path of fire (Sushumna) with tremendous force. This ascendance will not only extend from Mooladhar to the Ajna Chakra, the subtle sphere of the brain, but ultimately the ‘Dasham Dwar’ will be completely opened. This is the state popularly known as ‘awakening of Kundalini’. If the seven upper orifices open inwards, then the lower two orifices would also become channels of ascendance with little effort due to inward thrust of energy (that of mind and prana), descending through the upper orifices, upto the navel

The ascending stream of contemplative energy –formed by integration of energy streams of Mana and Prana– rising above the ‘Dasham Dwar’, converges into the descending grand energy stream of the universal supreme consciousness. Then the radiance of the universal supreme power also reflects through it. With the vibrating of the brain’s neurons, this energy gets liberated as it penetrates through the “Dasham Dwar”. Then onwards, it progresses ahead on the celestial path of maximising the absorption of the effulgence of the grand integrated universal consciousness. As this divine consciousness descends into the lower realms –intellect, mind, Prana, brain, sensory orifices, the gross body– the body of that Sadhaka will transform into a Sun-like source for transmitting intense vibrations of bliss and energy all around.

That Sadhaka will become free from the influence of Corona like disease causing organisms, as also the vitiated emotions of ‘Mana’, just when the mind and Prana would begin to enter the ‘Path of Fire’-Sushumna, even with a small extent of inward orientation.

A Sadhaka need not pursue all the above mentioned Sadhanas together. An appropriate Sadhana may be selected by an individual depending upon one’s personal disposition, available guidance and prevalent circumstances at a given time and place, and the selected Sadhana may be performed consistently. Subsequently, at appropriate time the other Sadhanas will also follow spontaneously or the benefit of other Sadhanas may accrue even if it is not performed by the Sadhaka.

In this short article it is not possible to furnish detailed description of all these Sadhanas. For specific and detailed information please see the Magazine ‘Kund Agni Shikha’ or visit the Ashram’s website ‘’. If direct guidance is available, by divine grace, you can also set on to the path of this Mahasadhana.

This article is the next in the series “Warding off the Corona Virus – A Science-endorsed Yogic approach”.

Gurudev in Himalaya