Human being, the world’s most efficient creation, made by the creator God in his own form, has successfully established communication with the celestial bodies like the Moon and Mars, etc. by sending its vehicles there. Human being can reach one corner of the world from another in little time, and has been able to make the whole world seem like his petty home. However, a small virus – the Corona, has terrified the whole human race in no time. It is forbidden to go out of even one’s home, leave aside travelling to another city or country.  All Schools, Colleges, Institutions, Businesses, Transport etc. have been closed across all countries in the world. Almost everywhere, ‘Lock Down’ has been imposed. People at large are being warned to stay indoors for the sake of their safety. Businesses are collapsing. Life is stalled. Every individual is terribly afraid of the small Corona, and this situation is only aggravating with every passing day.

On one hand, the human race is constantly making efforts to make its consciousness all-pervasive but on the other hand, each individual is afraid and repelled of the other due to this small Corona Virus. The human being is progressively restraining him to himself. What kind of development is this?

Though there is no doubt that this virus will be conquered before long as the efforts in this direction are being continuously made by the scientists, but the question is whether this conquest will be complete and permanent? The human race has been attacked by various epidemics from time to time. The causative micro-organisms have always been conquered, but only to be replaced by the new ones. Will it just go on forever? When shall we be able to conquer them for once and all?

A question to be considered in this context is – Are micro-organisms the chief cause of diseases? No! In fact, more than these micro-organisms, it is humans who cause these, by providing a passage to them to enter their bodies. Besides providing such a passage the humans somehow invite these disease-causing organisms to enter their form. Otherwise, whence one such organism is won over, from where does another emerge to cause havoc in the human body again? Where is the path leading to the total conquest of these diseases?

Such a conquest can be considered complete only when, not only the Corona Virus but any such organism, is not allowed to enter and attack the human body. Not only this, the conquest can be considered complete only when diseases like cancer, diabetes, hypertension, stress, acidity, etc. are also rendered ineffective.

So to achieve this, would we have to invent a plethora of medicines? No, it is not so, because the medicine comes into play only after a disease has manifested itself – whether the medicine is effective or not, is another question. For achieving this goal, we would have to develop and adopt a system that may transform the very ground within the human form, in which such diseases germinate – a system, which assures complete and permanent health to the human body.An important aspect, which needs to be kept in view here is that the diseases can be numerous, but health is one single entity. For that, we would have to adopt a system, which ensures complete health – a state, which is much more than merely being disease-free.

One might enquire that this seems to be difficult, isn’t it? Actually, it is not, because the health, and not disease, is the natural disposition of the body. Diseases are aberrations. These aberrations manifest themselves in the human body at three levels – 1. Mana (the mind), 2. Prana (the vital force), and 3. Indriya (the sense organs).When vitiated, the ManaPrana, and Indriya, are not able to remain directly connected with their eternal source of power, and are outwardly oriented in such a case. They not only Invite the disease-causing micro-organisms like Corona Virus etc., but also facilitate their passage inwards, and then let them develop inside the body.

The vitiations or contortions these three elements are affected with are:

  • vitiations of Mana– ever roaming and enslaved by the attraction towards the object of senses.
  • vitiations of Prana– Incomplete and superficial breathing. This causes the Mana to become outwardly oriented and fickle.
  • contortions of Mana in tandem withPrana, cause and keep all the Indriya entangled in a complicate net of vicious attractions.

It is this threesome, which pulls the disease-causing micro-organisms inside and provides them a ground to grow and multiply.

Some people may opine that the onset of a disease is due to fate or Prarabhda (the Karma stored over previous birth), or due to one’s carelessness, or due to lack of co-ordination between evolving consciousness of a Sadhaka (practitioner) and the downwardly oriented bodily disposition. In any case, however, it is this threesome of ManaPrana, and Indriya, that provides a breeding ground for diseases.

Now, the question is – ‘How to break the outwardly oriented nexus of this threesome?’To accomplish complete inward-orientation of Mana & Prana, and to evolve the sensory orifices (Indriya openings) to their limits, thereby conquering ageing and even death, is the goal of a Mahayogi. However, this is not what we are going to discuss here. Our aim is to rather find a path that everyone can tread easily. A path, which leads towards complete obliteration of epidemics, like Corona Virus, and accomplish a lasting state of good health – a state in which the coordination between the ManaPrana and all the Indriya is maintained, besides they are positioned in a way so as not to let the disease-causing micro-organisms propagate.

De-concentration and outward orientation of Mana and Prana and their gang, weakens and debilitates the body, thereby becoming means of inviting diseases. The principal way to keep the disease away is to keep the body strong and fortified, for which the simplest means are:

  • Appropriate diet – just enough to keep the body nourished – nothing more or nothing less than what is required as per the individual’s digestive fire, ‘Jatharagni’.
  • Adequate sleep and relaxation and alike.
  • Sincere diligence (in whatever one does).

Adequate sleep and relaxation will reduce the scattering of mind, an adequate diet will nourish and fortify the body, and sincere diligence will facilitate in curbing outward orientation. By following such a balanced path, one can easily maintain a healthy life. However, it is easier said than done; over-indulgence, of some or the other kind, typically comes about. Moreover, (1) Overwork due to avarice or greed, or too little work due to lethargy, (2) Overindulgence in eating or other sensory pleasures, (3) The ever-accelerating race of the Mana; never subsides. All these three factors provide a bedrock for the disease to flourish.Even medicines are a kind of food, but used only when disease surfaces. They can become a cause of disease themselves, if consumed by a disease-free person.

Then what does one do? It is difficult for a normal person (not a Yogi) to exercise such restraint, then how can one become a master of his body? How can one keep away from the diseases?

There is a way: Intensify the ‘TejasTatva’ , the Fireelement in the body. In other words – awaken and intensify the ‘Shakti’, the inherent energy within.Though the food also furnishes energy, but food, if consumed even slightly more or slightly less than what is required, will only dampen Agni – the digestive fire, and will cause the body to become either bulkyor feeble. Energy would indeed deplete.Similarly, diligent work serves to enhance one’s energy, but the work done to pander to outwardly opulence, greed, hatred, worldly attachment, etc. takes its toll on the body and leaches its energy away.The mind’s outward orientation, as is already known, is the principal cause of one’s disconnection with the inherent source of energy within the body.

The seven Dhatus – the fundamental building materials (Rasa-juices, Rakta-blood, Maans-flesh, Med-fat, Asthi-bones, Majja-marrow, Veerya-seminal energy) – are produced from the food that one eats. If the Tejas (the fire) element is deficient, the body loosens up and becomes listless (weak but fat) [ ‘देहं क्लेदयन्‍त्‍य: शिथिलीकुर्यु:’– ShankaraBhashya of Chhandogya Upanishad]. It is the Tejas element that converts the ingested food into Rakta and Prana. It is through this Tejas element only, that the Mana is invigorated and power is induced in the speech. ‘तेजसा सोम्य शुंगेन सन्‍मूलमन्विच्‍छ सन्मूला’– Chhandogya Upanishad. Thus proclaim the Upanishads – O Saumya! A being will also be free of death and ageing, by integrating with the pure and indestructible Supreme Soul (The God), through the medium of ‘Tejasa’. This is the proclamation of those timeless sages, who themselves had accomplished absolute liberation. Anyone who performs such Sadhana even in the present times, will definitely become free of the misery of disease, to a degree in proportion to the extent of Sadhana put in, because these proclamations defy the limitations of time and space.

Anyone can easily understand, that the disease-causing micro-organisms grow and propagate in conditions with an excess of the Earth and Water elements. The Sensory orifices in the body are replete with Earth and Water elements. Generally, the outwardly oriented consciousness revolves around the Sensory orifices. So, these are the fertile grounds for the propagation of disease-causing micro-organisms, and it is from here that they spread across the body. These organisms can never grow or propagate in areas replete with the Tejasa Tatva (Fire Element). On the contrary, they will merge themselves with the fire. As per the common knowledge of a Yogi, there is a subtle path in the body – the Sushumna – placed along the spine. This is ‘the path of Fire’. In the potent power of the Sun or in the dominance of Fire, such organisms have no way of hiding or absconding. The only way available to them in such a case is to merge themselves in this pervasiveness of Fire.

Now the important question is: ‘How could one’s consciousness enter into the realm of this Tejasa or the Fire – the Sushumna, established in the core of his body?’, the consciousness still being incarcerated in the Sensory field.

There is indeed a way and a very easy one at that. To achieve that state, one doesn’t need to go through the complex practices of deep Dhyana or Samadhi. These simple but extremely effective Practices are described in the paragraphs that follow:

(1) The Siddhamrit Surya Kriya Yoga


This Sadhana commonly known as Surya Kriya Yoga has been practiced by thousands of people worldwide and has also been tested to be successful quite many timeson various physical diseases and mental conditions. The benefits of this Kriya start showing up as early as within 3-4 days only. Many timeless Sages, who had conquered Death, Ageing and Diseases, had been performing this Sadhana thrice a day for 2-3 hours each time, in the form of ‘Trikala Sandhya’. In the present times also, one can track the path to becoming Tejomaya (full of the Tejasa Element) if it is performed just for 30-40 minutes, every day.

It is most appropriate to practice this Sadhana when the glow of the sun emerges completely out of its red-colored initial brilliance. This can be performed both in sitting and standing positions. Facing the Sun and keeping the spine erect, join both Hands and establish a direct connection with the Sun through closed eyes. Keep the neck bent slightly backwards, so that the Sun rays fall on the closed eyes at an angle of 90 degrees. Now perform the eye exercises and breathing exercises for 5-10 minutes. Further, recite the specified Mantras in varying pitches in the following poses (Mudras):

  • Raise both hands above the head, palms facing the Sun, as if invoking it.
  • Spread your arms sideways, gesturing hugging the Sun.
  • Place the hands in your lap, intending dedication.

This process may take about 15-20 minutes. Special care should be taken to ensure that during all these three mudras, the direct connection with the sun (Surya Deva) is always maintained and the chanting of Mantra keeps on going. With these steps,

  • the Sun’s radiance, following the path through the eyes and the head and traversing the rest of the body, will open up the Sushumna 
  • the chanting or recitation will facilitate concentration and inward orientation of the Mana.
  • the special hand gestures (Mudras) will facilitate the flow of the Tejasaabsorbed from the sun, unto the Indriya (Sensory) orifices.

(Generally, six -seven Mudras are used in this Sadhana, but the three given above are adequately useful).

In the end, lie down in Shavasana for 5 to 10 minutes, facing downwards. This will facilitate the spontaneous flow of the Surya’s Teja in the Sushumna – the path of fire, and will ensconce itself there.

It is important to note here that for a beginner; it is must to keep on having one’s eyes shut. It is rather more beneficial. Even at advanced stages of the Sadhna when one may keep the eyes open, it must be attempted in the guidance of a trained personnel.

It is pertinent to mention here, that the Surya Deva does not belong to any one’s religious faith or belief, nor it is biased for or against anyone. For chanting purposes, one can choose any Vedic mantra, Gurbani’s Shloka, Koran’s Ayat, any hymns or prayers etc. from Jainism, Buddhism, Christianity or from one’s own religion or belief, the crux being that it has to be chanted out loud and that too out of love.

It may be kept in view, that Surya Kriya is not the Sun Bath, and should not be performed wearing eyeglasses. Sun Bath involves accumulation of Sunrays superficially – on the skin only, but in this Kriya, the Sunrays enter through the eyes and then pervade inside the entire body.

It is also unlike the Surya Trataka (Sun Gazing), since in this Kriya Yoga, we are not focusing our eyes anywhere outside, rather bringing full attention to our eyes themselves, besides, we mentally observe our own body keeping the focus inside. Through this Kriya Yoga, we try to unite with the ultimate source of light and life – the cause of the sun inside the body as well as in the cosmos – the almighty God.

A little advanced Sadhaka, who has developed the ability to open his eyes inwards, can perform this Sadhana even on cloudy days. The more advanced Sadhakas will find no obstacles in establishing a connection with the Sun even in the darkness of the nights – this is what is called the ‘Madhya Ratri Sandhya’ (the midnight Sandhya) of the Yogis. It is more pertinent to establish a connection with the sun within and through it with The One, the very source due to whom the Sun shines in the first place and not just within but also in the cosmos.


(2) Sanjeevani Kriya is the second Sadhana facilitating the enhancement of the Tejas Tattva inside the body.


This is an amazing confluence of three sets, each of specific breathing Kriyas in three different positions – Sitting, Standing and Supine. As can be seen clearly by anyone, when an infant breathes, its entire body – from head to toe – fills up with the enlivening vibrations of the vital force of Prana. Through the Sanjeevani Kriya also, a similar path of inhalation and exhalation is developed inside the body. Nabhi Mandala (Navel Plexus) is the focal centre of the Prana in the body. At the base of this Mandala, about four fingerbreadths below, lies the focal centre of Agni – the fire. The direct access to the path of fire, the Sushumna, is availed through the passages of Prana. While inhaling and exhaling fully in Sanjeevani Kriya, the disease-causing micro-elements will perforce be pushed into the Agni Kund (the reservoir of Fire), leading to their annihilation.

The WHO has named the Corona Virus as the SEVERE ACUTE RESPIRATORY SYNDROME CORONA VIRUS-2 (SARS-COV-2). This clearly indicates that this virus primarily attacks the respiratory system, as soon as it finds its way inside the body. This is because usually, an incomplete and superficial breath – as prevalent in common men – is never able to establish a direct connection with the Tejomaya Agni Kunda (reservoir of fire) present within. The one who is able to establish a direct connection, will not be affected even when passing through a cloud of disease-causing organisms.

Generally, the thrust of breath is much greater outwards than inwards. Due to this, though the disease-causing organisms find a way to enter the body, but they remain distant from the Agni Kunda within. This enables them to grow and propagate. In the physical exercises also, where the outward thrust of breath is much more prominent and forceful, the connect with the Agni Kunda within, is not maintained. Therefore, such exercises cause much more fatigue.

If the inward thrust of breath becomes more prominent and forceful, the disease-causing factors will have no option but to get into the Agni Kunda and get burnt away by the Fire there. More than that, if a Sadhaka can accomplish special prominent thrust of breath, both inwards and outwards, then even the atmosphere around that Sadhaka will get purified. Such a profound state can be achieved spontaneously by the amalgamation of both – the Sanjeevani Kriya and the Surya Kriya.


(3) Agni Kriya Yoga is the third Supplementing Sadhana.


This Sadhna is distinct and discrete from the commonly performed Havana, and is much closer to the ancient ‘Agnihotras’. In this Sadhana, the radiance and effulgence of Fire is ‘ingested’ through the mouth, sitting in front of the potent flame of fire (with the aid of wood), using various specified Mudras, and chanting specific Mantras fortified further with the suffix of special prolonged ‘Swaha’. In this Sadhana, the central focus of concentration is the mouth, with eyes at one end and navel on the other.

The eyes naturally absorb the “Teja” and the Navel Zone is the seat of the bodily “Agni Kunda”- the reservoir of fire. The hands are instrumental in absorbing the radiance of fire and thus transmitting it onto all the other parts of the body. Generally, the whole process takes about an hour. The power of fire thus absorbed benefits the gross body directly. By performing it for even just one time, an ailing person is also sure to experience limitless energy and power.


(Further information about these Sadhanas, details of their principles and practices, could be availed from Ashram’s website ( and various publications of the Ashram. Direct interaction with any Sadhaka (if you could find someone around or approach ashram directly), familiar with these Sadhnas, can also be of great benefit. All the readers of ‘Kund Agni Shikha’ magazine and the Sadhakas associated with the Shabad Surat Sangam Ashram, Malke or Harisar Ashram, Kila Raipur are already familiar with these Kriya Yoga Sadhanas.Please read this article again and again and also share it with your dear ones, so that all may continue to be strong and healthy by taking benefit of these health Sutras and Sadhnas.)