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19 September 2018, Dera Harisar, Kila Raipur: Well, it was the time to welcome yet another beautiful month, by the name of Asu, as per the Nanakshahi calendar. After the days filled with scorching heat, we are to be blessed with the onset of a much soothing weather. And as ever, Gurbani has a significant message in-stored for each of us in the form of Barah Maha Path, shared by Sadhvi Ji on every other Sankranti. Let us too embrace the divine message and get going!

 A glimpse of Sadhvi Ji’s discourse:

sadhvi ji_1To strive on the divine journey within, there are two absolute prerequisites an aspirant must have a possession of. These are, a) a keen desire; why, because when we am not thirsty, and assumingly there is a glass full of water in front of us, it would go unnoticed, and b) an experienced, realized, enlightened guide – a master, the Guru who ignites the desire, in a rightful manner.

As of now, our desires revolve around materialistic achievements, wining the dogfights of me vs. you, being watchful towards others malice. If, by chance, peace had happened to be in this sort of routine we accustom ourselves to, there wouldn’t be any emptiness within each one of us we so badly want to fill it up with. And when, and if we happen to take out a few moments outside of our endless busy schedule, to sit and ponder about this journey we are so blindfolded-ly headed towards, we seek instant results. The key here is to be consistent, persistent, and well of course patient.

Choose to have faith on what scriptures proclaim. This doesn’t mean that we have to abandon what we had been doing so far, nopes! It’s all about sorting our priorities straight; the priority – that I have not receive this human birth just so as to die some day merely after eating, drinking and sleeping off throughout. The goal here is much bigger. I need to realize my true self, need to seek the eternal bliss, need to be one with ‘The One’; a clear vision that this tops on my priority list.

Its time that we stop adjusting our life around the trivial things, and start spending our energy towards the ultimate cause while there is still some left. With time, it bounds to deteriorate. ‘Now’ is the best moment to start; to start strengthening up our thought pattern that, ‘I am His and He is mine. I must find myself. I can do this.’ I am a gardner, and while at it, I am doing my best to serve the owner, Him both inside (simran) and outside (sewa).