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17 September 2019, Dera Harisar, Kila Raipur: Well, it was the beginnings of the yet another month known to us as Assu, as per the Nanakshahi calendar. Once again Sadhvi Ji addressed those who had gathered around, by quoting the couplets of Bara Maha Paath respective to this month. Let us too collect the message shared, i.e.  ‘to love one and all unconditionally’!

A glimpse of the discourse by Sadhvi Ji’s:

sep sank.2As per the Bara Maha Paath, the message shared by the onset of this month is that ‘aatma (wife) is eager to meet her param-aatma (husband). What is it that could be done so as to be one with The One?’ It further says, ‘one must surrender unto Guru’s command; because he alone is one with The One and thus can be a source of true guideline.’ Why we must surrender? Again, noble saint Kabirdas says, ‘the street of love is so narrow that there is absolutely no way for two to pass at one and the same time’. 

Now, what is this love? Dev Rishi Narada says, ‘if our love is based on an appreciation of certain qualities possessed by others, then it is not love; if our love is based on the acknowledgment of our speech, our movements or desires, then it is not love either.’ Quite often it is so heard that ‘there was a time when there was a loving bond amongst us but today it isn’t there; there was a time when we were so much engrossed in sadhana however today we lack that energy, that enthusiasm’ – oh dear, it wasn’t there before as well! These are some of the major checkpoints, should we wish to be aware of!

Deep within we might have a feeling that we have been doing satsanga for a very long time, but do we actually sit and ponder about the changes we, whether knowingly or unknowingly, have embraced for good? Aren’t we instead occupied in proving ourselves right and others wrong? Choose, decide that I must rise above and beyond these, that I must be consistent and persistent when it comes to my at least one hour of sitting per day to do japa. Step by step, a loving and heartfelt approach would bring us closer and closer to the goal we seek.