05631 December, Shabad Surati Sangam Ashram, Malke, Moga: Last sunday of the month, and that too last satsang sabha of yet another year. In spite of considerable amount of fog and cold weather, aspirants had ardently made a sincere attempt to take another steady step towards the journey within. Enhancing their enthusiasm, Sadhvi Ji shared some basic tips so as to fuel-up the already driven aspirants. How? Let’s embrace the divine message!

A glimpse from Sadhvi Ji’s disourse:

Well, it’s the last day of yet another year; or let’s just say an opportunity to get sincere towards our sole goal, i.e. to be one with The One. How? Two things; a) It’s a good time to sit alone to ponder some about the yield we reaped this year; not in the form of bank balance but the wealth of practicing Guru-mantra. And, b) what mistakes I am looking forward to avoid, to get better, to take a deep leap within!

If we are to go east but are directed towards west, would we ever make it? No. We must act smartly (i.e. with vivek & vairagya) rather than working hard like a parrot who has no idea about whatsoever coming from his mouth. Many a times we choose to be God fearful; that ‘if we do so and so, he might punish us.’ The moment we face some hardships, our instant reaction is, ‘God doesn’t love me anymore. ‘X’ person does such awful deeds like drinking, gambling, stealing, etc. and yet he is so happy.’ This is how we judge Him.

We keep on complaining every now and then, and try our level best to put the blame on others. For instance, parents often say, ‘kids do not listen’. Question is when did they (parents) last spent some quality time with their kids, played with them or read a bedtime-story?

So, it’s high time that we take responsibility! Believe in ourselves! Perceive our ‘goal’; to be one with The One; because time is elapsing and we are merely trying to postpone the inevitable, i.e. what we sow so we reap!