17 August 2021, Dera Harisar, Kila Raipur: Well, it had been a difficult time for people around the world due to the ongoing pandemic – COVID19. To avoid gatherings, and instead connecting through live programs had been the safest option. The situation, seemingly under control these days, allowed devotees to connect face-to-face today after a long time. The enthusiasm of not just having met but to also seek guidance in the form of a Satsang could be easily felt by those who could make it to the event.

Sadhvi Ji addressed the seekers on the ultimate divine journey within on the occasion of Bhadon ki Sankranti. The gist of the discourse could be thus summarized: No matter how difficult or unpleasant the circumstances may get, one must stay focused on the goal. Realizing our weaknesses, and rather transforming them into our strengths let us march forward; because have we not received this very life to realize our true self? Enough time has been squandered off in unnecessary indulgence in you-me disputes at the expense of the precious breaths. It’s time to gear up to dare to realize the real heir within us!