16 November 2018, Dera Harisar, Kila Raipur: Yet another month by the name of Maghar (as per the Nanakshahi calendar) is about to begin, and as always it too has a beautiful message enrooted deep within; a message empowered enough to drive us through the divine journey each one of us is walking towards, could be knowingly or unknowingly.  Let’s have it from Sadhvi Ji herself!

A glimpse of the divine discourse:

sadhvi ji_2The beauty about this upcoming month lies in the interesting weather it brings along; i.e. a weather, which is neither too cold nor too hot. Best time to sit and spend some time with oneself – to meditate, to surrender unto Guru’s command!

It is often heard that, ‘I do want to have some time for myself however, it is due to such and those circumstances, or due to so and so person, my life is out of sorts.’ And the eternal solution to this all time problem is gloriously suggested by Lord Krishna in Bhagwad Gita, Chapter 2, Verse 14 & 15 i.e. we must not allow ourselves to stuck up in such trivial issues. We must learn to digest what so ever it might find our way, could be in the form of unexpected situations or unwanted fellows. Because if we are not strong enough to visualize beyond these petty things, forget that we would be able to embrace All that is!

We are instead scared of loosing out on fleeting possessions we believe ourselves to be entitled to. Ups and downs ever exist. Key is to learn to digest howsoever things turn out to be and believe that nobody can play with anyone’s destiny.  More like a tortoise who squeezes within, the moment he suspects something unacceptable.

Start by being aware about the double standard life we choose to lead on. Own upto your words. Let our each action whether it is listening, speaking, watching or walking, be a step towards our goal, nothing less. Be aware of every bit that goes into our body, both physically and mentally. We need to be fit to have a long and healthy life to walk energetically enough towards our goal. And as for mental health, make it a resolution to not to skip on participation in Satsangas, Shastra-vichar, and well of course Japa.