17 October 2017, Harisar Ashram, Kila Raipur: Well, it was onset of the month of Kartik, and like every other Sankranti, aspirants of this divine journey had gathered around to take another leap deep within. Since it also happened to be the Dhan teras, each and everyone got richer with the wisdom amassed, as shared by Sadhvi Ji. Let’s collect some too!

A glimpse of the divine message:

006The weather that accompanies the arrival of this month is nothing less than being absolutely pleasurable. And so, (as per the Bara Maha Paath) if one fails to get the best out of it i.e. diligent practice of Guru-mantra then that would be because of his/her own fault. Plus, the question is, if not now then when? Postponing would lead us into yet another cycle of life and death. Or worse, if we forget Him (i.e. get our back towards Him), dis-eases are all we are left to invite and hangout with.

The part where we lack vision is that world is more like a shadow. More we run towards it, try to grab it, or try putting some sense to its existence, ‘running out’ is all that it does with exactly the same pace.

Know this, God is not so difficult to be realized; problem is we do not even want to realize. Have tones of wants, needs, and hankerings waiting for us to be fulfilled. Giving the example of Yudhistra i.e. how with mansa (mind), vacha (speech), karma (actions)he lived by his ideals and therefore was the only one blessed to travel across the inevitable death being in the same body. It sounds reasonable as long as we let it be part of our lives in the form of an epic story but, the very fact that we are too scared to even make a resolution – a promise to oneself that we must get connected to the source within – is what that’s making a huge difference by putting a hold to it all.