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13 April 2017, Harisar Ashram, Kila Raipur: Vaisakhi, an event to applaud the hard work of farmers is celebrated with great enthusiasm particularly throughout the Punjab and other north Indian states. Along with that, devotees had got another reason to celebrate the occasion as this also marks the birth anniversary of our beloved Guru kambli wale, who was around to bless the aspiring souls, to inspire them and therefore to connect to the ultimate source within.

The event was graced with Sadhvi Ji’s and Swami Ji’s presence who shared their wisdom stirring the thirsty souls to wake up with their eyes wide open and let the curtain of ego draw away. Let’s sit through it!

A glimpse from Sadhvi Ji’s discourse:

didiAs per the Bara Maha path, this month is considered to be auspicious for those who have been blessed by the company of sages, meaning for those have surrendered under their safe heaven. Over the ages, loads and loads of glories have been sung about great saints, and why not? They are the only source to ultimate bliss, the only door to get past the walls of ego.

We often claim that we do love, trust and have faith in him, our Guru. How to be sure? a) If worldly ups and downs break us by the end of the day, b) if we spend more time in worldly endeavors than regularly practicing guru-mantra as suggested by our Guru, and c) if we remember Guru only when we face some adversity, it means there is still a long road ahead.

We have got one mind; either it would surrender or will engage itself with worldly desires. Choice is ours. Because when surrender happens, 24×7 we have just one thing on the mind; our Guru, his teachings and thus their application in day-to-day activities.

Summarizing, one must have faith at par on the Guru. And once we own such faith, we will have no more fears to be dealt with. Rather we’ll be grateful that we get to face our weaknesses. And so, all we need to do is wipe them off and come out winning, believing deep within that He, my guru is with me.

A glimpse from Swami Ji’s discourse:

swami ji 1Guru – Gu means dispeller of darkness of ignorance, and ru means en-lightener; once realized there is no back step. But until then, we are bound to re-born one after another birth. Meanwhile (some of us) unto Guru we do surrender, however a wall almost always stays along; the wall of ego, the wall of worldly desires – an ever ready long list of demands.

We claim that we belong to our Guru. But have we accepted his inheritance? How long before we stop running after these perishable, and petty things? Narada says, we must not waste even half a second without Him; a complete surrender is what is required. But as long as we are not willing to make a change no one can force us into it.

We let a doctor operate us even if the medicine is not as per our favorable taste buds. We trust him with our life. Then why not trust Guru who is capable of driving us through not just this one life but also the recurring cycle of lives and deaths we don’t even know since when we are being rolled in at.

As long as we do not surrender unto his teachings, the inside journey won’t flourish. Amidst household duties, engaged in the cycles of sorrows and happiness we must not forget Him, our sole soul priority. We must rise above ‘I’ where you and I become one.

So, let bygones be bygones. Howsoever we are, if we boast that we do belong to our Guru then let it have some impact on us. Let I be replaced by you. And for that my dear, consistent practice of Guru-mantra with a constant contemplation that I am not this body is the only ferry to go ashore.