16 July, Dera Harisar, Kila Raipur: With Guru Poornima just around the corner, Sri Maharaj Ji’s divine physical presence, all the way from Himalayas, is what the devotees have been enjoying on the holy land of Kila Raipur for quite some time now. Amidst this, the onset of the month of Sawan, is like a cherry on the top. How, let’s explore through the powerful message it has brought along to be shared it with all!

sadhvi ji_1A glimpse of Sadhvi Ji’s discourse:
As per the Barah Maha Path, in this auspicious month of Sawan, those who really love their Beloved, i.e. their Guru, and therefore the Guru-mantra, gets their soul all colored-up in the color of love. On the contrary, a life without Guru-mantra is an absolute waste. And so, for those whose each breath is garlanded with guru-mantra, it remains to be the festivities of sawan now and forever.

It’s not that we do not want to or do not try; for sure we do try our best to lead an ideal life by doing sewa-japa-tapa-simran; we choose not to be a villainous, resolute every now and then to not to hurt others, avoid lies or badmouthing; and yet we are far from celebrating real sawan, within. Why? Well, we let our Ego to be at its best. Here, point to be noted is that even in Narad Bhakti Sutra, it is mentioned that He says, ‘Ego is malicious, compassion is what I love’; Ego – The only wall between Him and us.

Question here is that why do we keep our Ego safe all along? Well the answer is, ‘Because of materialism.’ We absolutely cannot imagine our life beyond these. Our thoughts, our desires, and thus our actions are all entangled in the self-made maze of ‘you and me’, and for that matter ‘yours and mine.’ ‘I am right. I always do well. It is him/her who is at fault. My God knows it all’, are some of the symptoms one certainly must be aware of; because Ego is like an owner of a bar who is greedy enough to keep us high 24×7, on the liquor named moh (attachments) and maya (illusions).

Summarizing, what sort of fun is that when all we are upto is wasting our time; time which is inevitably ticking away with every single passing moment. Why exhaust one-self in doing good when, in spite we can actually be good. Why hide our true selves from Guru. Surrender! I.e. ‘howsoever am I, I am yours.’ Want to play, play with Him just like Gopikas did; want to get angry, be angry with Him; need something, ask Him – from Him. Let it be just Him, and only Him.