30 April 2017, Shabad Suarti Sangam Ashram, Malke, Moga: Last Sunday of every month holds a special place in each of the aspirant’s journey who had come to seek the blessings, guidance and further directions to their eventual abode. While their curiosity brimmed with love and devotion brought some questions along, Swami Ji embraced their thirst and showered them with love infinite. Shall we get soaked too?

18192469_1542954665717688_264588166359786880_oQuestion 1: We are selfish. Will we remain so? 

If we have accepted that we are selfish, we will remain so. We can see the example of ‘Tim’, the boy who, being a human being, could not learn any human like behavior just because he ‘believed’ that he was a wolf.

However if we believe that we are not this body, and a divine excerpt of Him the path to inner journey would get focused, above and beyond selfishness. And how does one get oneself to believe so? By owning up to faith, to which we call as hypothesis in the language of research. It all begins with that one thing; faith.

Question 2: Body and mind seems to be entangled and entangling. How to rise beyond? 

Body is what we see. And mind is something that cannot be seen because it is formless, source-less and has no existence. It is merely a collection of thoughts. But also, without mind we will not have any awareness of this body. And then again, as long as we do not believe, or educate ourselves to be much more, much bigger and vaster than this body we would not be able to elevate beyond these, beyond the ego.

This body is more like a vehicle to realize our true selves, a door to liberation. Like different seeds have different outer coverings (some have a sticky outer covering and some are so light that they can travel through air) to support their spread, similarly our outer covering (the body) is also meant to support the expansion/spread of this seed of Brahm or Ananda. Once the goal is achieved, there won’t be any whatsoever need of it. But until then, if we do not direct it towards the aimed direction we are bound to get lost.

Question 3: What is dhyaan/sadhana? What is the right way to do it? 

The meaning of sadhana is to gain control. Control over our mind and body which are actually not different but one. And it is possible just within this human body because He, the Creator of All that is dwells in and that too in its entirety.

Here, by gaining control means being indifferent to whatsoever or howsoever circumstances there might be.  By stopping the unnecessary outward flow of prana from all the senses and diverting that powerful flow into the sushumna path towards the tenth door (Dasham Dwar); and that is what we call dhyaan.

So, how to do it? How to open that tenth door? Guru-mantra is the key! Because if we wish to meet the Creator, we need to take our eyes off His creation. Whether on the name (or excuses) of restraints or responsibilities, as long as the goal is to accomplish materialistic entities how can we possibly go within? To have a clear goal is the foremost step anyway.