24 June 2018, Shabad Surat Sangam Ashram, Malke, Moga:
With Guru Purnima just around the corner, Sadhvi Ji shared some of the often-quoted myths about the need of a Guru. Amidst these, she shared how an aspirant of inner divine journey can direct himself towards a myth-free, a step-by-step absolute road ahead having a firm focus towards the goal. Let us go through these key checkpoints!

A glimpse from Sadhvi Ji’s discourse:

006It is often asked these days, why do we need a Guru when He (God) is already said to be within us? For them, Sri Maharaj Ji often says, ‘how can one possibly stand on one’s own shoulders?’

Another common belief, which we often come across these days is, ‘collect as much information as one wishes, from as many number of places one can pay visit to.’ For such seekers, there is a big question mark i.e. how to be sure that whatsoever is it we are listening to, is correct? In case we add on, that ‘we choose to grasp what we deem fit’, realize this that it could be merely a means of satisfying our ego.

Yet another believes that, ‘Guru is for those who are weak-minded, i.e. those who cannot possibly read shastras or skim a gist out of them.’ No matter how much-so-ever intelligent human mind is believed to be, it is an absolute necessity that there is a person in one’s life where one can unconditionally drop anything and presents one’s true self, as well-defined as black and white; and then, most importantly can digest an answering attack on ego. Then and only then, one can rise above and beyond the shackles of filthy parts of ego.

It is easy to bow down in front of idols whether in Temples or in Gurudwaras, because idols do not speak. They wouldn’t or let’s just say couldn’t present us with our true selves; and therefore, in a sense, our ego remains to be same, or rather gets sort of brushed up.

Then what to do? If we actually wish to realize our true self, be one with The One… if not much, at least love one’s Guru, knowing that He is my only true companion, only key to my-true-self, and my only eternal wealth. Pray unto His lotus feet that, ‘it’s okay even if we might not get anything in this perishable world but Guru’s love!’ If, sincerely, even this bit could be done… eventually one would surely be able to break through the cycle of life and death once and for all.