26 September 2021, Shabad Surat Sangam Ashram, Moga: In the epic Ramayana, during the dialogue between Garuḍa and Kākabhuśuṇḍi, at one point, Garuḍa places seven questions before his eloquent teacher; the first one being ‘सब ते दुर्लभ कवन सरीरा॥’. In today’s Satsang-Sabha, the message behind the conversation held in between them in this particular respect (i.e. this question), was uniquely addressed by Sadhvi Yoganjali Chaitanya Puri Ji.

A gist of it is thus shared…

It goes without saying that ‘Human birth’ is by far the ‘ultimate and rare creation’ of ‘Almighty’. And despite knowing the fact theoretically, one in millions dares to contemplate and thus act to make the best out of it. For the deliberately ignorant ones, Vedanta says – They are suicidal if they wallow in the basest pleasures of the senses and thus throw away the philosopher’s stone and choose to keep bits of glass instead.

Human birth is the door to beatitude – साधन धाम मोक्ष कर द्वारा; and since us being the divine’s excerpt we have the in-built potential to explore our real selves, to break through the cycle of life and death, to be one with The One; well of course in the company and guidance of sages and seers. They show us the path and are our map, a constant guide. They teach us to get over the sense of otherness as love is the ultimate answer. Love – for one and all! And the fuel to keep on the fire (of love) to burn is – the consistent and persistent practice of Guru Mantra. A mantra that is the synonym of – Howsoever am I, I am Yours!