16 September 2017, Harisar Ashram, Kila Raipur: With Swami Ji having been away to Himalayas for doing solitary sadhna for the time unknown, Sadhvi Ji addressed the monthly Sankranti Satsang Sabha. A glimpse of the divine message –what is love– shared by Sadhvi Ji is transcribed here. Lets take a good look!


Post her discourse; devotees were in awe as Sri Maharaj Ji amazed everyone with his surprise visit.

“As per the Barah Maha Path, with the onset of the month of asu (as defined in the Nanakshahi calendar) an aspirant is bound to have a happy, blissful and power-filled journey within; but only if, one is thirsty for the eternal divine nectar. A thirst so intense that, out of love, one surrenders unconditionally unto the lotus feet of Guru.

Love! What is this love? Gurbani proclaims, ‘jin prem kiyo tin hi prabh payo’ i.e. only those who are in love with Him, are to realize Him. As, where there is love, there is (by default) trust and devotion, and surrender. And where there is surrender, there eventually comes this realization that we are nothing but the divine, ‘Him’.

Meanwhile, what holds us aback? Lust of money and property! We simply cannot think of anyone else beyond oneself. Just the way light and darkness cannot stay together; similarly, love and ego cannot walk hand in hand.

No doubts, we do love Him. (That’s why we are here. Isn’t it?) However, it is coated with illusion. We must realize that the sort of behavior that we do with others whether good or bad, shall go with us. So to start with, avoid being part of gossips, i.e. avoid both hearing and speaking of ill will. Because with that same foul tongue and ears, how can one possibly get absorbed even in the recitation of hymns of love, of Him?”