27 January 2018, Shabad Surat Sangam Ashram, Malke, Moga: First last Sunday of yet another year! And like always, enthusiastic devotees had gathered around to seek blessings to empower their ongoing journey some more. Sadhvi Ji was once again around to gear us up for consistent and persistent steps towards our sole goal. Let’s too collect the jewels of divine speech that it was!

A glimpse of the divine talk:

029Every now and then we keep on listening or reading inspirational talks or books, or visit saints to seek solutions to our respective problems. However, even yet we are a long way from even theoretically being aware of our goal. Why are we born? Why do we die? If we were born to die, what’s the point of living? What’s the charm in living? are some of the questions we pay absolutely no attention towards. But No, this is not how it is!

Often it is said that ‘one must remember God.’  However, if we look close enough we will notice that it is our very nature to remember Him just the way ‘to wet’ is the nature of water. We cannot forget Him even if we claim to be an atheist, because He and we are not two different people even if it appears so. We are his very excerpt (ansha). We are sat-chit-ananda; just the way He is! How, ‘Sat’ means who is imperishable. Similarly we have this notion somewhere deep within that I am going to be a part of this world forever. ‘Chit’ meaning He is knowledgeable. Now howsoever dumb a person might be he/she never claims to be a fool. One always thinks very highly of himself/herself. And ‘Ananda’; no human wishes to embrace sorrows. Be it day or night, all our efforts are concentrated towards one point, i.e. being happy. And yet we are unhappy most of the time. Why? Today, Tamas prevails; in other words without input we seek output.

For this, we need to broaden up our vision. Without doing any efforts on our part we wish to be rich. Here, by rich we mean we want more and more money. Money; that’s the dead-end beyond which our thoughts, our life’s mission or vision cease to move forward. But, the reverent Gurbani proclaims that, ‘real richness belongs to those who choose to travel within and believe in output than just daydreaming about inputs. Real richness belongs to those who do not die, ever and rather choose to leave this transient world without having to leave this very body behind them.’ Question is that are we daring enough? Are we brave enough? If yes, Gurudev suggests just one thing – consistent and persistent practice of Guru-mantra; the full and final input to get the ultimate, the ever-lasting output.