28 May, Shabad Surati Sangam Ashram, Malke, Moga: It was time of yet another divine shower the aspirants keenly look forward to every last Sunday of each passing month. And like always, Swami Ji was there to address the gathered around guru-lovers with one and the only important message, i.e. connecting to the source within is ‘the answer’ to it all.

While we might agree that each one of us has got a unique story of our own. But then, ‘life is full of ups and downs’ is a phrase and a feeling mutual to all. In other words, the classroom might be different but the syllabus is same. And that syllabus here is the practice of Guru-mantra. How about studying smart!

A glimpse form the divine message:

033A question often asked is how to get past ego? Problem is that we are made of ego. This whole game is running out of ego. The questioner asks either being unknown, or being unsure whether his information suffices or not. Whatsoever motive there might me, the enquirer here is basically ego. And not just that, even the speaker would speak out of ego.

We had been asking and listening answers over and over yet again. But we hardly grasp any. Our doubts barely come to a cease. Why because we are still super duper pre-occupied with worldly dazzles. We find them luring. And when it comes to Him, the one we refer to as God, we have just heard that He is nice. Though we are not sure that He is nice. We perceive just what we want to perceive.

So, what is ego? In simplest words, to believe that ‘I’ am this body comprises our ego. No matter howsoever we present ourselves to be, deep within we know our own truth. There is emptiness all along whether being rich or poor. And that desire of getting complete is what makes us go round and round throughout lifetime. For instance, why do parents refrain their kids from taking even a step outside the pre-conceived psychological boundaries, because they themselves are scared. And the reason of this fear is ego; ‘I’ might not get hurt. Our whole focus is concentrated on this body, which on contrary isn’t our true self. We are much greater than this body.

And the only way out is surrendering unto Guru’s command, i.e. connecting to the source within. To understand that neither him, our Guru and nor we are merely this body that we get to see with these eyes. To realize that liberation can take place only within this human body. And that can happen once we are free from all the limitations, i.e. not dependent on food, sleep, fear and mating. Yes, this doesn’t happen overnight. But then why wait? Lets get to work since there is surely a tonne of it to be dealt with. Let’s embrace changes and confront our habits since this goes a long way in living a life free of being scared all the time. Let’s make practising Guru-manta a priority since there is no other course to be enrolled for.