15 June 2018, Dera Harisar, Kila Raipur: The Satsangsabha held on the Sankranti, marking the onset of month of Haad (as per the Nanakshahi calendar) defines this journey to be difficult for those who are yet to soak under the divine nectar of Guru-mantra. How, that is what Sadhvi Ji enlightens us about. Let us too understand, how!

A glimpse of the divine message:

007He, is the only lifeline of this human birth, however, we choose to depend on this petty world. Now, if someone is engrossed in darkness, how can he possibly offer light to others? This dependency, these misconceptions, this blindness, needs to be operated. In day-today world, in case of an eyesight issue, we would search for an eye-specialist and get operated. If doctors are to suggest precautions, we make sure each and everything is followed. Likewise, if we talk about inner blindness, how is it that we can get operated, and even before that, question is, do we even wish to get operated?

We often pay a visit to the saints to seek blessings, so that we can earn some more materialistic possessions. However if we surrender, i.e. get operated, we can get over such blindness once and for all. And similar pattern is followed generation after generations. If we choose to walk with the help of a stick, those who follow might also not be able to think beyond that.

Our behavior does all the talking; our thought pattern, our approach to tackle various sorts of circumstances, our little but easy-to-get noticed habits; all are self-explanatory. Therefore, it is suggested that every morning, right after we wake up, sweep-up within oneself, get rid of complaining nature, cleanup. However, we instead focus on others; he/she did so and so with me; why not embrace the change we wish to see in the world.

Swami Rama says, once an aspirant chooses his only goal to be ‘dive deep within’, he makes sure that he doesn’t sit around, or waste even a single minute here and there. He understands that he has been gifted this valuable life. So, there is just one mind. It is upto us, where we choose to busy it; could be regular participation in Satsang-Sabha, contemplation over it again and yet again, and therefore practice of Guru-mantra, if possible, a single sitting of 2.5 hours and that too in one asna.