31 January 2021, Shabad Surat Sangam Ashram, Malke, Moga :- Post lockdown due to COVID-19, this happened to be the first time when devotees gathered around to seek the blessings in person. Sadhvi Yoganjali Chaitanya Puri Ji addressed the gathering starting off with the basics, i.e. be it COVID-19 or any other challenge (physical or mental), there is an eternal solution to it all. Now, what could be that one thing? Let’s explore!

A glimpse of the discourse :-

cGurbani proclaims, ‘Sarb rog ka aukhadh naam’. Now we might have heard this before but we certainly haven’t believed enough to get through what we define as our problems. Our thought pattern suggests that ‘naam’ is merely a set of words. However, scriptures state ‘शब्द  ही ब्रह्म  है ‘.

Near or far, short or long, easy or tough – the journey must be completed. Then why not walk rightfully resorting to ‘naam’; and watchfully avoid nagging over petty things. Empower your will power and fix a time with one rule that no matter what (PM waiting or a deal worth billions of dollars about to be snatched away) – this particular period is for ‘naam’, i.e. ‘japa’. 

Negativity would generate negativity alone. It cannot result in peace. Just ‘Japa’ is the only solution to ALL THAT IS. Until roots aren’t watered, the plant can’t survive. Likewise, the Supreme Being is the very root of our soul. It needs to be watered with the nectar named ‘Japa’. Or the cycle of life & death wouldn’t break anytime sooner. Make a start; even ‘Something is better than nothing’! Right?