26 August 2018, Shabad Surat Sangam Ashram, Malke, Moga: Apart from being the awaited last-sunday Satsang-Sabha, the day also coincided with a beautiful annual event, named ‘Raksha Bandhan’, when a sister tie a bracelet with a knot of love, on the wrists of her brothers.

And as always, Sadhvi Ji addressed those who had gathered around sharing the message this auspicious day brings along, i.e. Love is the essence of it all. Let’s us too learn to love…

 A glimpse of Sadhvi Ji’s discourse:

aBelievers can be often heard claiming that, ‘I love God’, or ‘He is all that I want.’ But when; in other words, this longing is circumstantial, i.e. just as long as life seems to be a highway! The moment some ups and downs cross our path, which we know by now are part and parcel of life, the first thing we do is complaints; ‘It is because of him/her this happened to me.’ Here, this very moment why can’t we choose to see the same God within him/her whom we claim to have been looking for? Unless we are not truly consistent with our efforts towards our goal, or we do not learn to visualize this world, or the people around just like any other movie and it’s characters, these endless trivial things would keep on winning hands over us.

For that, let’s resist focusing on the need of clean up, in the name of educating others. Instead, let us clean our own glasses. One can be either good, i.e. spreading positivity owning a remarkable behavior or be bad, i.e. acting cowardly by complaining every other waking-hour. If we can skip the later, the former would happen by default; no extra leap would be required.

Let’s choose to be watchful, to be careful at every step. Because if we could learn to acknowledge this seemingly minute but actually giant difference, i.e. whether its my rational or irrational mind moderating my thoughts, whether the conclusions I am jumping to are in accordance with that of the teachings of my master, my Guru and with scriptures, we would be availing ourselves huge help, in terms of learning to choose to act by staying focused, prioritizing our goal.

We can sum up to two keynotes: 1) Collect both physically and mentally, what is necessary and sufficient. 2) Love one and all, because there cannot be absolutely any exceptions when it comes to the eternal, divine journey within…!