16 November 2019, Dera Harisar, Kila Raipur: Just the way Himalayas are considered to be greatest of the mountains, the Peepal to be most beneficiary of the tress, Japa to be highest of all the yagnas, likewise this month known as ‘Maghar’ to us as per Nanakshahi calendar is considered to behold utmost importance as compared to the rest of the eleven months observed per year. Why is it so and how can we make the best out of it, is what Sri Maharaj speaks about in this Satsang-Sabha. Let us too light the internal lamp with these eternal pearls of wisdom.

Insights into the discourse by Sri Maharaj Ji:

The Barah Maha Paath reads, ‘maghar prabh aradhna…’, i.e. this month is best suited for seekers of the divine journey within as it offers balanced climatic conditions to indulge oneself in Japa-sadhana. Without a doubt, each one of us, whether knowingly or unknowingly, are looking for eternal joy, peace, bliss. And yet find ourselves far from it because of prioritizing ‘I, me & myself’ on the grounds of ego. Particularly, when it comes to our behavior.

Speaking about our behavior with those who come across us throughout the day, our basic mentality is that so and so did this to me, why should I be any different? The question to ponder upon is, why can’t we see Him within each and every one? And when it comes to our behavior with ourselves, in spite of knowing it very well, at least theoretically, that I must take some time out for myself, do Japa-dhyana, we rather complain that mind doesn’t settle down. Again, isn’t that a matter of routine? The very gist of sadhana lies in having control of our mind. Now, how?

Supposedly we wish to go to Badrinath and ought to book a ticket. We do have an idea about our destination but what if we do not know about the place from where we are to start the journey? Although it sounds absurd but isn’t that what we had been doing all along? We do not know our current status, our present state of mind and ought to reach the destination by merely boasting about our physical identities i.e. occupation observed, race, caste or creed. Therefore, as long as we do not own up to a firm belief that ‘I am His excerpt (ansha)’, Japa or dhyana wouldn’t even begin. We must understand that He, the absolute one resides everywhere and within one & all and as for me, He resides within me too. Contemplate over and over yet again on this sole truth and that is how when the real Maghar Sankranti would be celebrated.