14 January 2020, Dera Harisar, Kila Raipur:
Post Lohri night during which it is believed to have burnt one’s bad habits in the fire thus replacing them with the more productive ones, the auspicious Makar Sankranti is what follows. It is on this day that people travel to pilgrimages to have the holy-bath. And for those who are at their respective places, it is believed that an early morning bath is a kind of must to start afresh. In this context, Sadhvi Ji pointed out the real meaning of having this ‘bath’; in other words how it should be a bath of the soul and what is the message hidden therein. Let us know some!

A glimpse of the discourse by Sadhvi Ji:

The real bath should be considered to have had with the water cum nectar embraced due to one’s engrossment in the recitation of Hari Naam. And from where does one gets the map, the guidance to this divine nectar? Well, as per the Barah Maha Paath it is in the holy company of saints where the key lies! Speaking of the price to be paid is the unconditional surrender unto Guru’s command. It is easy to do charity or service and that too once in a while out of one’s choice or due to self-love. And this is what makes the whole difference!

Until we have got the taste of this divine nectar, it is impossible to get the real bath. Till that time, consistent and persistent efforts are required to have this belief affixed deep within that ‘I am not merely a compilation of flesh and bones. I am an excerpt (ansha) of divine.’ Then and only then the doors to get over mine-thine, kaam (lust), krodh (rage), lobh (greed), moh (attachment), ahankar (conceit) would open.

Guru alone is a sadhak’s true friend; not his own mind (mana). And if we are yet to understand this then it implies that we are yet to realize the significance of japa, of Guru mantra. They both go hand in hand. Because if we truly believe in our Guru, by default we would be in love with japa of Guru mantra.

So what’s needed is to stay alert being watchful of one’s moves. Numerous lifetimes have been spent sleepily. It’s time that we wake up. We have got to take out time and make the best out of the guidance we are so-privileged to have! Let’s dive deep within and have the real bath!