30 July 2019, Shabad Surat Sangam Ashram, Malke: Quite often, an aspirant of the divine journey within comes up with queries like a) while I sit for meditation, instead of coming to a halt, my thoughts rather get on to wandering way more than the other times. Or, some say, b) Mostly I tend to fall asleep through it all.
Well, how to proceed to dissolve these mental or physical blocks away, let’s collect some practical tips from Sadhvi Yoganjali Chaitanya Puri Ji.

A glimpse from the divine discourse:
1) One of the reasons, or let us just say one of those mental blocks that hinder our growth is an attitude of complaining, i.e. it is because of him/her/that situation that my life is kind of out of order.
The day, or the very moment we learn to accept our destiny (i.e. whatsoever is ongoing, is because of my own Karmic cycle), we would learn the art of acceptance and therefore would be able to keep our eyes affixed on our goal rather more steadily.
2) Be aware of your every ongoing action. Here, what do we mean by being ‘aware’? No matter how much soever Japa/Sewa/Satsang we engage ourselves into; it is our ‘motive’ hidden behind our every act that beholds utmost importance.
For instance, a) at times, a mother/teacher could be very rude with a child. But most of the time it is out of a concern of well-being. b) we could be doing a lot of charity in the name of Sewa (service), but if the goal is to seek more and more name and fame (which we might even get), but that wouldn’t be able to fetch us any eternal peace. c) we might have been sitting for hours at a stretch engaged in mediation or sadhana practices, but if our actions (lead by ‘you & mine’ or ‘right & wrong’) speak rather otherwise, it would be a pointless activity empowering our ego (i.e. unwanted side-effects). We can fake it in front of those around us, but can we cheat our true selves, Him?
Why waste our precious time, this most extraordinary human birth by allowing it to go in vain? Let us decide that I truly want to be one with ‘The One’ and that too in this very life itself. Instead of running away from my responsibilities, being under Guru’s command I must find my way through them. Why; because in the end, ‘motive’ is what that matters the most of it all. Let’s keep that straightened, or sorted out smartly!

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