04 September 2021, Dera Harisar, Kila Raipur

Gist of the Discourse by Sadhvi Ji on the occasion of a highly-cherished day of the year i.e. Nirvana anniversary of Prabhu Kambliwale was thus –

“Over the years, we had been celebrating the Nirvana Diwas of Swami Dev Puri Ji, fondly remembered as Prabhu Kambliwale by recalling the journey He undertook. The journey that inspires manifold! However, if are to self-analyze, can we say that we have been progressing well on the (sadhana) path depicted by Him?

The question that follows is – how could He do; and what is it that we lack? Well, the key is the ‘clarity of the goal’! His only focus was on how to realize the true self. He believed that yog and bhog (materialism) cannot go hand in hand.

Being a part of the Satsang Sabha; doing Japa and assisting Kriyas are powerful resources. However, these are but the resources! The goal is eternal bliss. Reiterating, the goal is not to accumulate the resources, but the goal – the bliss – itself. We can thus summarize- 1) Clarity about the goal, 2) Knowledge about resources, 3) Self-confidence – is the key. Surrendering unto Guru’s command, a must resource, we shall wholeheartedly pass through what may come. And this in itself would be the real tribute in the lotus feet of Shri Gurudev!”