01 February 2020, Dera Harisar, Kila Raipur: On the occasion of Nirvana Diwas of Swami Dayal Puri Ji Maharaj, Sadhvi Ji addressed the gathering by sharing the significance behind celebrating Nirvana Diwas of saints at the first place; plus how it serves as a booster for the aspirants of the divine journey within. Let us too find out!

A glimpse of the divine discourse:

Gurbani proclaims that the key to the ultimate door, going across which is the ultimate goal of every soul is to be found at the doorsteps of an enlightened master alone. For this necessary and sufficient requirement is to surrender unto Guru’s command. How? Again Gurbani declares, ‘keh kabeer eh ram ki ansh‘, i.e. I am not merely a compilation of flesh and bones rather an excerpt (ansha) of the divine. However, we fail to realize so due to the curtain of ego drawn over us. In spite of knowing it theoretically, we fail to get on to the practical side of it. 

For this one has to have a consistent and persistent march towards the only goal. Be it any hour of day or night, not even a second is to be wasted towards petty desires. One might think that it is better said than done, but we must not forget that we have examples of the very same epitome-ness we are talking about. Swami Dayal Puri Ji Maharaj to Gurudev Kali Kambli wale and King bharthari to Gurudev Gorakhnath are a few of the examples who inspire us with their bhakti at par. 

So it is by remembering such dignified personalities (especially on the day they chose to embrace ‘nirvana’) that we receive courage and thus guidance to do tapa-japa, tyaga (sacrifice) being warm and compassionate towards one and all; i.e. just the way they were.