27 August 2019, Dera Harisar, Kila Raipur


” STRONG DETERMINATION is the key to go Beyond “

Insights into the discourse by Swami Buddh Puri Ji Maharaj:

“… Although we are here to celebrate the Nirwana Diwas of Swami Dev Puri Ji Maharaj (kali kambliwale), one thing is certain that saints do not die. They might not be visible through naked eyes anymore, but they never die. Especially from a disciple’s point of view, He, Gurudev, is always there deep within his/her heart. How, in the form of ‘Shabad’, i.e. Guru-mantra. 

Speaking about Kambliwale, he used to say that ‘STRONG DETERMINATION is the key to go Beyond.’ Here, the question for us is -> How to have strong determination? And what is it that keeps us from maintaining that?

Often we decide to carry out a certain number of activities. But then, we are unable to keep our word to ourselves. Why? A significant reason behind it is we, by choice, are being dependent on materialistic things. ‘What did so and so say? What he should have done instead? How to do this thing or that particular job? etc…’ is where our mind is occupied throughout the day. Seldom do we revise the plan that we chalked out at the first go. So, it is by practicing over and over, we empower our determination.

Furthermore, other than (1) practice; (2) pray ardently (in solitude, i.e. without any show off). Why not ask him from himself? By demanding for this and that, we are being slaves instead, (3) Love one and all (rising above me & you, mine and thine); (4) no matter how much soever challenging our surroundings might get, choose to proceed with a positive outlook…”