12 February 2019, Dera Harisar, Kila Raipur: Whether directly or indirectly, each one of us is walking towards the one same goal, i.e. ‘to be one with the One.’ We would be in a position to opt for the direct path only if we would have at least some idea of it. And from where is it that we get this idea, the map, and the guidance to continue until we have made it to our sole goal? Of course from the ones who have taken the road; however this doesn’t mean to walk blindfolded. Then how; let’s find it out!

A glimpse of Sadhvi Ji’s discourse:

Each and everyone is unique in his or her own respective way. And surrendering, or following someone means to respect and therefore embrace the values engraved within that someone to be followed or surrendered unto.

Well, today on the occasion of Nirwana anniversary of Swami Dayalu Puri Ji one of the values by adopting which we could pay the heartfelt tribute to Him, our Guru is ‘Simplicity ’; of which He was known to be an epitome of.

What does it mean to be Simple? – When our voice and our actions are nothing but the replica, the very true image of what goes on in our mind!

What keeps us from being Simple? – The curtain of Ego drawn over our mind making us believe that we are nothing but some beings born to eat, drink and then sleep off.

How to be Simple? – First of all believing that yes! I can rise above these trivialities! I can do it and I will! And then, surrender unto Guru’s command. Let Him be that One where there is absolutely none of those Hide & Seek games we so cheerfully boast of being master at. If we can do this one thing, i.e. connect with the only one worth connecting with we wouldn’t be far from being Simple, being His.