24 September 2017, Shabat Surati Sangam Ashram, Malke, Moga: With Swami Ji having been away to Himalayas for doing solitary sadhna for the time unknown, Sadhvi Ji was here to address the SatsangSabha that is scheduled to be conducted every last Sunday of each passing month. As always, sharing her words of wisdom, she inspired the aspirants to take a leap towards the inner journey by bringing attention to seemingly small yet significant sutras for a Sadhak (for an aspirant). Let us also get going!

A glimpse from the divine message:

029Mostly what happens is that when someone badmouths us we get angry that very instant. We might not even forget how that made us felt for a very-very long time. Wouldn’t you agree? On the other hand, talking about the satsangas those we claim to have been participating in since a long period now, we can hardly recall anything apart from maybe a line or two.

Why, because we are so much into grabbing the negativity that we hardly leave any space for some real pruning. And then we complain that we find it hard to sit and meditate, i.e. practice Guru-mantra. Until we keep on facing the world, we are bound to have our back towards Him. So, choice has to be made; both cannot be faced at the simultaneously. Just the way both day and night cannot be realized at the same time.

Fish spends her life throughout in the water and yet when she is outside, smell doesn’t seem to get away. And so, by blaming others for being a reason of our sorrows we can be sure of never having been able to rise beyond those any time sooner. This is where satsangas and Guru play a significant role. Often people say that this is not the right age to meditate. Question is that if not today then when. It’s now or never!