17 October 2019, Dera Harisar, Kila Raipur: This time, the onset of the month of the ‘kartik’ was marked by the divine blessings of Shri Maharaj Ji. ‘To get past our shortcomings and thus embracing the path towards the ultimate goal, what is that real investment we must start with?’ was the topic at hand so profoundly elucidated by Him. Let us too collect the message!

Insights into the discourse by Shri Maharaj Ji:

Sutra of attaining favorable output is investment followed by being responsible for one’s actions, i.e. being self-dependent. Mostly, there’s a habit of blaming one another. If not another person, we blame our past karmas. Those who seem to have a fatty bank balance are considered to have a surplus of good karmas and therefore very lucky. However, Gurudev plus our scriptures suggest otherwise. They proclaim that real wealth lies within each human, each individual as a whole. However, due to our die-hard outward-ness, we choose to let it go down the drainage consenting it to go futile. 

Now this is where Sewa (selfless service) and Japa play a significant role. If we claim to have been indulged in sewa and japa for very long and yet have an eye towards constantly exploring faults and thus blaming others, understand that sewa and japa have not even begun. We are self-cheaters, full of ego. However, if there is an honest concern then sewa and japa along with surrender into Guru’s command would surely lead us towards our ultimate goal. 

Remember, God’s grace is not an outcome of any past karmas (which is quite often mistaken as). He is ever gracious. And to be able to embrace that ‘grace’, sewa and japa are rather sincere, concentrated efforts of a sadhka aiming to do sadhana as directed by Guru. This is real investment leading to favorable output.