14 March 2017, Harisar Ashram, Kila Raipur: As per the Bara Maha, a form of Punjabi folk poetry expressing the inner agony of heart, a heart separated from its one true love it was yet another onset of traditional new year. As always, devotees had gathered around to seek divine blessings just before stepping into it.

Both Sadhvi Ji and Swami Ji addressed the Guru lovers and put forth some reality checks for us to realize who we are, what are we doing and, how far ahead are we yet to travel; a mirror to our soul. Lets meet ourselves!

 A glimpse from Sadhvi Ji’s discourse:

Sadhvi Yoganjali Chaitanyaa Puri Ji With the first month known as Chet, meaning to remember, it is suggested that those yearn for their one and only Beloved during this time are indeed blessed with abundant bliss. But since we are not yet capable enough to do it on our own, we must seek Guru’s, and his mantra’s solace. Why, because Guru is like the air without whom we cannot embrace the fragrance of God formed sandalwood.

Throughout, we claim to have been practicing Guru mantra but yet doesn’t seem to find happiness. The very reason is that our practice is superficial. One tongue to practice but then we use it for all kinds of purposes such as backchat, gossiping, etcetera. Another major factor is that we do it considering it as a duty, mostly part of a burden. There is no enthusiasm. Wouldn’t that be more like cheating ourselves? We fail to understand that in the end it is us who are at benefit. Nevertheless, we are occupied worrying about perishable materials, the name and fame. Why not rather get prepared for real home instead?

Whatever joy or sorrow comes our way, the sole purpose of that is to make us strong. If we cannot digest these and dare to visualize beyond these trivialities, how can we even imagine beholding the Creator of all that is. On the contrary, we cherry-pick to cry and get weaker. And the crux lies in us having been ignorant, a big time.

We often complain that He doesn’t love us, has forgotten us. But if we are to hold an umbrella and then complain about rain ignoring to wet us, who is at fault? We must sort our basics right. And for that we must listen to our Guru. To do that, even before we need to make a place for him in our heart, which is otherwise filled with worldly desires, hatred, and jealousies. Amidst all these, how much room do we have actually allotted him?

So, with new beginnings, lets keep on expanding that place. Lets pray that we must never get bored, or grow tired of it, and keep on taking maybe slow but steady steps filled with enthusiasm.

 A glimpse from Swami Ji’s discourse:

Swami Suryendu Puri JiWe often claim Guru being our supreme priority and the only stabilizing factor of our life, and yet we have got no time for him, pay absolutely no heed forget contemplation to what he says. And the reason we do not stand by our own words is because we do not understand the meaning itself. Moreover, it is easy to say, but when it comes to stand by those utters it is altogether different concept. And as long as we do not adopt those values in our life, it is meaningless.

We practice Guru-mantra or do service (sewa) if and when we will feel like. But how long before we stop cheating ourselves? Why to deliberately elongate this cycle of life and death? Why show off at least in guru’s lotus feet?

We consider guru a mortal body. And therefore we, visualizing our true selves is beyond question. Only way out of this ego is complete devotion, dedication and, surrender unto guru’s command.

We seek promotion in worldly job but don’t even consider applying for on this path. We have been fooling ourselves in the wait of a right time. Now, my dear friend, is the right time. Each breath is to be committed towards him. In Bhakti Sutra, Narada suggests why waste even half a second without practicing Guru-mantra.

So, let practicing Guru-mantra (simran) and service (sewa) go hand in hand, understanding our only goal i.e. His realization. Lets surrender unto guru’s command, to gain strength to go across the bridge of ego and then rising above it once and for all.