Remembering Bhagat Jagat Singh Ji …


30 March, Shabad Surati Sangam Ashram, Malke, Moga: Bhagat Jagat Singh Ji was an ardent devotee of Prabhu Kambli Wale, and the one responsible for the very establishment of this Ashram. Like every year, on 30th day of March, devotees from all the nearby villages had gathered at Ashram to pay tribute to this candid Guru-lover. And so a grand satsang was organised that was adorned by Sadhvi Ji’s and Swami Ji’s presence. Let us also fill ourselves with divine sharing!

 A glimpse from Sadhvi Ji’s discourse:

004These days are celebrated to get inspired, i.e. how did these souls direct themselves, their body and their mind on this path to eternity while in-storing some real wealth gained out of practicing Guru-mantra. On top of that, talking about Bhagat Jagat Singh ji, being a householder he really exemplified how can we realize our ‘the goal’ along with taking care of other associated facts.

For such people, this world is described to be like a garden. All the near and dear ones who are related to this body (of gardner) are the flowers that are to be taken care of. However, the owner is the Almighty itself. At any cost, he is the priority without a doubt. And to be qualified to be such a dignified gardner, all we need to have is a firm decision, wholehearted determination and sincere dedication. Then even small but steady steps would be filled with divine’s grace. The grace that can never be accounted for, i.e. we cannot even begin to count the blessings He had been bestowing on us irrespective of who – monk/householder, atheist/believer or, righteous/vicious – we are. There is absolutely no discrimination and, no conditions or expectations at all.

So, surpassing this inbuilt jungle made of greed, hatred and jealousies let’s embrace eternal celebration. Let us not be affected by name or fame, gain or loss and rather just keep on focusing on the journey these souls embarked upon and whose map is accessible to us in the form of their teachings. Let’s do the real job!

A glimpse from Swami Ji’s discourse:

014Ego, ‘I’ is the base of it all. It does have deep-seated roots however we must learn to channelize it in right direction. How, a thought pattern, i.e. ‘I am His excerpt, His servant, and absolutely un-existential without Him. And, at the same time, I am not this body’, needs to be structured. And so when we talk about liberation, self-realization is supposed to be the highest state. A realization, that a) my Guru is not merely a unit of bones and flesh and, b) our Guru-mantra is definitely not just some random words but a divine force implanted within us. c) That forgetting Guru-mantra is equals to forgetting Guru.

When we talk about realizing our goal while living with a family all along, we need to know that being elder or let’s just say more mature doesn’t make us master or God of other members living by us. Whomsoever it might me, the binding factor should be a knot of love. And for this, we must make sure that we do not a) keep bad company of any sorts or, b) intake inappropriate foods.

If we really love Him (= our Guru) then our question would be what can we do for Him. So, embracing the shelter of Guru-manta, adoring the company of Guru-lovers, and making a living out of honest income we must get onto real work with absolute courage and commitment. Let’s not repent on what wrongs have been done. Holding the hand of our Guru let us resolute to walk past this recurring cycle of birth and death to a path of eternal peace, and happiness. And this dear friends, would be our true tribute to him.