15 June 2017, Harisar Ashram, Kila Raipur: It was the Sankranti of Harh, the fourth month of the Nanakshahi calendar. Since this marks the presence of one of the hottest durations of the year, Sadhvi Ji and Swami Ji were seen encouraging, and inspiring the devotees amassed to get geared up for another step closer to their ultimate abode.

While Sadhvi Ji emphasized on how satsangs, and therefore eventual surrender takes us across every part of the scorches one can face all through it, Swami ji presented us with some sutras, a prescription to get cured of addiction of cheating ourselves while we are on our way to it. Why, just so that we can be in front of our Guru surrendering our present self, and not the polished version of our fake show business.

Let’s get some of that eye-opener! Shall we?

A glimpse from Sadhvi Ji’s discourse:

001Why do we need to attend satsangs as and when we can? For instance, if water is to flow in downward direction no external force is required. However if we wish to direct the flow upwards a motor, or some external power needs to be supplied. Similarly, when our senses (eyes, ears, nose, mouth, skin) have worldly dazzles to get bonded to, our mind free flows towards these petty and perishable pleasures. But on the other hand, to connect to the source within, the source to eternal bliss one must be inspired, encouraged, and directed inwards. And to do that, what better than attending satsangs!

And those who don’t have/practice Guru-mantra, just the way this month of Harh symbolizes weatherly scorches, they get agitated at all levels be it physical, or psychological. On the contrary, those who seek contentment in Him get purified and encapsulated against these so-called scorches. Rather this month gets even more beautiful and comfy for those within whom his, Guru’s lotus feet have found place, have got inked. And then further, the lover prays, oh thou please let me be thirstier of you, just you and your solace with every passing moment.

However, we are thirstier of worldly desires. Therefore all we get is to burn in the heat of hatred, jealousies, and ego. And so, this pedal of life and death keeps on rolling. The fact is we don’t need Him. There is no sense of belongingness. We prioritize world over Him. Just the moment we face some hardships, some low phase, we bring ourselves to think of Him. We hold His hand only in the need of the hour. It all depends on our convenience. But how about we let Him hold our hand, a complete faith and so, surrender? Because even we understand that if He holds us, He will never leave us, for sure. But the question is are we ready to give-in?

A glimpse from Swami Ji’s discourse:

014Another month, another Sankranti, another satsang and yet the message, the crux of the matter is the same. How? Suppose we are to go for a drive in some hilly area, we are bound to be more careful than usual. Within a blink of eyes, a single mistake can cost us our life. Similar is the situation on this inner journey to our real source. We need to be surrendered in His love with every single breath. There are no concessions. Less than that won’t suffice.

People often ask why cannot we do sadhana being at home? No doubts practice of Guru-mantra, sadhana, charity, etcetera can take place but as long as we are being dependent on anything apart from Him, the real job, the real Him won’t be realized. And on top of that we cheat ourselves by denying that we don’t want any worldly pleasures, by saying that all we seek is the lotus feet of our Guru. What is the purpose behind this show-off? Who are we trying to impress?

If we will hide our pain, or medical history from doctor, how would he be able to treat us? Similarly, if we do not let our true self, our desires be presented in front of our Guru, how would he be able to direct us further? And even more importantly, why suppress or hide our real self at the first place?

Guru, his blessings and guidance is available all along. The question is are we done playing bluff with our own self? And if yes, it’s time that we step up and share our true selves with him, our Guru and to ask for directions thereon. If not, a) at least do not lie or cheat others to get your desires fulfilled. b) Let daily practice of Guru-mantra be a rule to abide by no matter what. c) Developing a regular habit of either reading or listening (keeping eyes closed, if listening) to Guru’s teachings for a pre-decided say 20-30 minutes at a stretch, before going to bed in the night.

And during this whole time, let us be in the company of those who are the proven examples, who are ahead of us on this inner divine journey. So hereon, three doses with one thing to be taken care of; a prescription for all.