29 April 2018, Shabad Surat Sangam Ashram, Malke, Moga: The last Sunday Satsangsabha of each month is a much awaited ‘refuel’ of a sincere aspirant. And like every other sabha, Sadhvi Ji addressed the seekers, the thirsty devotees, emphasizing on one of the key steps, i.e. importance of being a part of the satsangas, how they charge our diminishing battery, refreshing our will power! How, let us too explore!

A glimpse of the divine message:

DIDI2Satsangas… 1) connect us to the ones connected to the inner divine journey – the saints 2) let us know that He is present all around, whether its animate or inanimate world; and realization of this very fact, not just theoretically but practically, is the sole goal of human birth.

Now, we have been listening this over and over… and yet are busy wasting our energy towards external goals. Why? We often say, ‘we are not able to see Him.’ Question is, how would we see Him when we don’t even want to see Him? We say that our goal is to be one with The One, however we chose not to march against the stream. We are busy exploring the deepest depths of oceans and highest heights of space; nothing seems to be impossible. But yet, a lot remains to be unanswered, unsettled and unendingly expandable. Eventually frustration takes over and we begin to criticize ourselves by saying that ‘I am incapable of doing so…’, and therefore quit!

Realize this, we have been working around, round the clock, crying and dragging through it all; however, if we could do it happily, it would become our very nature that would apply to all aspects of life, including spiritual; i.e. we would be able to sit and practice Guru-mantra too, enthusiastically and whole-heartedly.

People often say, ‘if someone is a looser in the materialistic world, he/she is the one to become a saint.’ It’s a pure myth; if you cannot lead to live a content life, you would definitely not be able to lead a spiritual life. Because, orange clothes don’t make you saint, celibacy doesn’t make you a saint, sticking to the rule ‘I do not touch money’ doesn’t make you a saint; anyone who has risen beyond one’s physical and mental limits, whether a renouncer or householder, can be defined as a saint. In the end it’s all about your will power! And the source of a strong will power is the Satsangas, an absolute booster. Eventually, step-by-step, curiosity leads to dedication, leading to surrender-sewa (selfless service) and simran (practice of Guru-mantra); the eternal solution to it all.