26 January, Shabad Surati Sangam Ashram, Malke, Moga: Since this was the first monthly satsanga of the year 2017, aspirants had gathered around to seek blessings for new beginnings. Why here, because worldly endeavours do bring fortune but is short-lived contrary to the one that is bestowed in Beloved Guru’s lotus feet. Shall we get some too?

A glimpse from Swami Ji’s discourse:

SSPWe are blessed with human birth, only species capable of being liberated. We are old enough to understand it theoretically and probably that’s what brings us here…

Now each time we had a family, built empires to earn money and name and fame and then, died eventually. But you know what, this is not it. The most astounding part is that we feel miserable through most of it. And even the part where we say we were happy, it was never ever long lasting. Yes, a seven-course meal in a dream house with an imported car parked in a garage does count but the momentary relief offered by each one of those hardly soothes the soul.

It is then, when we attend satsangas, we begin to realise that this world is like a school and not our real home. We are here to learn the secret of eternal happiness –the power of Guru-mantra and how to practise it– so as to realise our only goal, liberation. Here, following the technique is of immense importance. Because as long as that mantra recitation is practised superficially, i.e. just through tongue, it remains to be artificial and therefore perishable. And so, until the realisation –practising mantra being the only earning worth living for– dawns, sorrows just wouldn’t stop finding their way to our heart.

People often say I am getting bored. But let’s just think for a moment. Doesn’t that sound like abusing ourselves? The very reason is that we are ignorant of our true selves. And, when we don’t even know about the one who seeks happiness then how would he get happiness? Therefore, an awareness that, a) He is greater than this world is what is required. This will change priorities, will let us overcome our fear and with time we’ll learn to rise above sheer selfishness and accommodate each and everyone. b) Most of us do not listen to understand but to merely respond. So we must develop a habit of listening. This will save us living with our own assumptions. c) Money is just a power. It can help buy food but can’t help with digestion, can help build a house but cannot buy peace, can get us finest of the mattresses but cannot invite sleep.

So, let bygones be bygones. In this New Year, lets get set to start afresh. And why to begin smaller? Lets hold on to the highest, the Gurumantra. Because the day we realise its importance is the day we are ready to embrace happiness, the divine power and the eternal peace – our sole goal.