29 December 2019, Shabad Surat Sangam Ashram, Malke, Moga: It was the last Satsang-sabha of the year 2019 and therefore devotees had gathered around to seek the blessings for yet another upcoming year.

Sadhvi Ji shared some of the practical checkpoints a sadhka must be watchful about and how, step by step the journey ahead should be planned based on the lessons and experiences collected so far. Let us too explore some!

A glimpse of discourse by Sadhvi Ji:

Scriptures proclaim, ‘Without any goal or a particular reason, even a fool doesn’t engage oneself in any activity whatsoever.’ In the contemporary world, we are running almost all day long, building mountains of dreams after dreams but when it comes to application, the efforts to fulfill those dreams.. all we end up doing is being like a Sheikh Chilli. In this regard, it is often heard that ‘from now on, I would devote a large chunk of my time in doing Japa. I wouldn’t miss any Satsang-sabha…’ But do we actually consider how exactly are we going to achieve that? What would be my next step? How can I go even deeper when it comes to Japa or how can I better grasp those pearls of wisdom that could eventually reflect in my behavior? 

As a solution to this particular question, people are often heard saying, ‘During happy hours, one tends to forget Him, it is during bad times that one actually does Japa’. This is merely a myth. There is a difference between remembering Him (as a bribe to make Him do what we desire) and doing Japa. Because if we could actually do Japa, for sure the bad would merge into good, once and for all. The same principle applies to physical ailments. However, the pill prescribed by a doctor or rather a cup of strong tea/coffee is what our system demands; forget Japa.

We let our mana get better of us. For a sadhka, mana is the biggest enemy. We must not let it rather ride on us. It would be our loss if we choose to do so. 

So, another year is about to end. Spend some quality time in analyzing the progress report of our life spent so far. Those who are sincere enough to actually take the leap can start to maintain a diary, kind of a self-analysis to see where do I stand today and where is it that I aim to reach and thus, what would be my step by step action plan. We reap what we sow!

Happy New Year!