17 August 2019, Dera Harisar, Kila Raipur: ‘Bhadon Sankranti’ marking the onset of yet another month is here. And like every other month, devotees had gathered around to refresh-up the divine teachings of Gurudev. Let us too get geared up for the sole goal i.e. To be one with ‘The One’.


A glimpse of the divine discourse by Sadhvi Yoganjali Chaitanya Puri Ji:

sadhvi ji     As per the ‘Barah Maha Paath’, the message shared by Guru Ji on the onset of this month is that no matter how much so ever hotter the climatic conditions prevail, for those who are ‘Guruwale’, who surrender unto Guru’s command, such outer circumstances hold absolutely no power to distract them from their goal. It is only for those who prioritize worldly affairs over their true selves tend to have to embrace sorrows, one way or another.

     As long as we choose to analyze and then act upon Guru’s command, we are bound to stay confined in the walls of I, Me & Myself. We, like a chunk of salt, absolutely cannot measure the depth of an ocean. But isn’t that what we choose to do try every now & then?

     It doesn’t help much even if we keep on attending every other satsang-session; point is to digest those teachings. Gurudev has been emphasizing on the importance of selfless-service (Sewa) since ever because Sewa is like creating a foundation to embrace the heights of the goal a seeker of the divine journey within strive for. We must understand that Sewa is not some show-off activity with which we can be in the good books of Gurudev. Sewa is like a broomstick to get rid of all the unnecessary samskaras we had been accumulation since ages. More we do it out of love, more the fruits we are ought to bear. The choice is absolutely ours!