20 February, Malke, Moga: An old devotee from our home village, Malke requested for a Satsang-Sabha at his residence. Accommodating wholeheartedly, Swami ji shared some of the basics to be secured on this inner divine journey to self-realisation. Let’s seize them along!

 A glimpse from the divine message: 

Only thing that can make all the difference is a clear perception of goal. A decision to stand by that I will not indulge myself in activities whatsoever that direct me as oppose to my only goal. In other words, He, being our foremost priority. Why, for instance if we stand facing towards Sun, we’ll see light. But if we stand other way round, we’ll see a long and dark and scary shadow. And we can’t ever seem to get a hold of it. Similarly, this world can be equated to this shadow. Throughout our lives we do our best to grab it but by the end of it we must leave it all behind.

So, what to do? We must realize that we are His children and not this dune of bones and flesh. So long as this realisation doesn’t dawn, we won’t be able to go even a step past the starting line. No matter how much soever charities, or divine trips, or yajnas, or holy baths we engage ourselves in, they won’t suffice. All this time we have been restricting ourselves within the boundaries of good & bad, right & wrong, rich & poor, man & woman, older & younger, ugly & beautiful, dumb & intelligent, mine & yours, and so on. But the divine we seek is boundary less. And so if we wish to realise eternal peace, wealth and happiness we must break out of these. There is absolutely no way to prison up an ocean in a pot. Instead we must dive in deep to explore and embrace that.

We might ask that if we are His children then why are we so distant from Him? It is due to sheer ego. And how to go across that? The eternal answer is seeking the refuge under the safe heaven of Guru. Why, because being our true parent he takes us away from the ever-standing scorches of this world, shows us a path beyond this cycle of life and death, and avails absolute happiness. How? By offering us divine nectar, the Guru-mantra. All we have to do is to have faith in him. A faith, surrender and dedication so intense that no matter what happens, I will not leave his hand. With this consistency, taking slow but steady steps the wall of ego would surely fall one day; a silent revolution to self-realisation.