16 August 2017, Harisar Ashram, Kila Raipur: Punjabis are renowned for their love filled devotion. One such example is the gathering around of devotees every other month on the occasion of Sankranti so as to hear the name of the month in their beloved Guru’s blissful voice. Well, today was no different. The souls had their fill of it along with some words of wisdom by revered Sadhvi Ji. Let’s have a bite of that!

A glimpse from the divine message:

005If we do anything that directs us, leads to, or results in keeping us away from Him then it is by default a deal of pain and sorrows. Just the way this month we call as bhadon brings along irritatingly hot weather the moment we choose to be out of shade.

So, what to do? Simply putting, only those who have surrendered unto lotus feet of Guru get to sail off of these scorches. Here, what do we mean by surrendering? It means, ‘I am not the doer. Whatever is to happen, you—the beloved Guruis the sole one in charge.’And the best part is, it is so easy. Neither expensive, nor does it involve any deceiving. All sorrows, and above all the cycle of life and death would come to a halt. However, we instead can opt n number of ways to deal with our pain but do not get to the real dose, i.e. practicing Guru-mantra. And so, we are entangled in our own web of bondages named ego and therefore get lost.

We often complaint that mind doesn’t settle. As long as out attempts are half-hearted, overpowered with our weaknesses, and that too outdone with fear we would not be able to get to Him. And you know what, fact is that we have got some serious trust issues when it comes to surrendering. Wouldn’t you agree? When our vehicle needs servicing, no matter how expensive it might be, we do trust on the service provider. And not just that, when our body feels out of order, we trust doctor with our life. But when it comes to eternity, we choose to become a backbencher. But dear, until or unless we let our mind be at Guru’s stake how would even he be able to help us?

For instance, as long as the mirror is dirty we cannot see clean and clear image of ours. And so similarly, till the time our mind is occupied with filth named kaam (lust), krodh (rage), lobh (greed), moh (attachment), and ahankar (conceit). He cannot be realized. So, priorities need some sincere sorting. Sewa & Simran, i.e. service and practicing Guru-mantra, along with consistent participation in attending satsangas has to be the preference for a powerful, love and bliss packed voyage within.