17 August 2018, Dera Harisar, Kila Raipur: Post the much awaited occasion of Guru Poornima, it was time to celebrate the onset of yet another month of the year, commonly known as ‘bhadon’ (as per the Nanakshahi calendar). As usual, Sadhvi Ji addressed the gathering reciting Gurbani from Barah Maha Path. Let’s embrace the message delivered by revered Guru’s, as shared by Sadhvi Ji…

A glimpse from the divine discourse:

sadhvi ji_okReality of the day… The moment some hardships cross our way, we tend to say that this world is nothing but a lie. Conversely, the moment everything works out just the way we wanted it to be at the first place, we tend to believe that, ‘this world is so beautiful. God is great!’ In other words, we do say that ‘we want Him’, but yet on our terms. At the end of the day, all that we care about boils down to ‘I, Me and My’; the intense desire of name and fame.

We are being told over and over by the guru that, ‘this world is a mere lie, let’s not waste time in being ignorant. Let’s rise beyond this cycle of life and death’, and yet… we surrender unto worldly desires. It’s more like someone who is acknowledged by those around to be a very smart worker, and yet has chosen to walk in any whatsoever direction, i.e. apart from the one leading straight to the goal; only to let the irreparable loss of time happen, choosing to let this precious human birth go in vain.

However, for the one who chooses to surrender to All that is, he would never be at loss in the long run, for Guru is his protector. So, own up to your faith. Believe in yourself. Spend your energy in the tasks those connect you with you. Try to limit your collection to what’s necessary and sufficient. Act selflessly. Love those around you. Surrender with a belief, that, ‘I belong to You and just You. You are the only One I seek.’