29 October 2017, Shabat Surati Sangam Ashram, Malke, Moga:  Before we are to set on a journey we do some prior preparations; could be documents, clothing or fooding. Likewise, before we are to get started for the divine journey within, it is ideal to have touched some basics to keep us from derailing. What are those; is the topic addressed by Sadhvi Ji in her simple yet vibrant demeanor. Lets get on with it!

A glimpse of the divine message:

029When we travel, ups and downs are part of the journey. At the end of it all, it’s all about how we perceive it. And to make it perceivable, broad vision is what we need to have. For example, we might have the best of seeds (=circumstances) but what if land (=our state of mind) is not fertile? Similarly, on this inner track Compassion, Contentment, and Commitment is what the makes all the difference; for these are the roots of a tree aiming its goal point.

In Gurbani, it is said that ‘daya bina hai siddh kasai’, i.e. without compassion even the so-called saint is a butcher. Here the question is why do we lack compassion at the first place? Penning it down, it comes to materialistic desires –> selfishness –> ego. Our entire energy is directed in attaining, and once attained, contentment is taken over by fear of loosing it, or 24×7 taking care of it.

If somehow we believe that by doing conceit, the bank balanced attained can go with us in our grave then go ahead by all means. If not, what’s the point? While giving a tip at restaurant we do not mind because it serves our ego, but when we need to give even 10 percent of that tip to a poor, it gets painful.

It’s time! We must sow some (positive) good quality seeds and being a vigilant observer of oneself, keep watching with eyes wide open. We must take responsibility!